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Plundering Afghan assets US’s utmost humiliation

After the United States of America (USA) lost its war in battlefield, not it has descended to plundering and looting. It plundered the Afghan rightful assets and allocated to the victims of September, 11. However, not a single Afghan is involved in the terrorist attacks of 9/11. In addition, if the victims of 9/11 attacks can receive the blood compensation, why on earth the Afghan victims of past twenty year enforced war are not given the compensation. Although, they say that half of the Afghan assets, about $3.5 billion, will be given to the 9/11 victims and the remaining half will be distributed to Afghans through humanitarian aids, they do not explain who the other remaining half belongs to and why it is given to other people. This is the highest degree of US hypocrisy.
In fact, Afghans have sacrificed too much for their independence and in fighting the invaders. They know that the value of this independence is higher than the plundered assets. The Afghan nation is ready for any kind of sacrifices and costs for the sake of independence. It bears ever hardship, but cannot accept slavery even momentarily.
Our defeat enemy may have devised several other plans for the destruction of this nation and may plunder many other things, but they will never let anyone plunder their independence. We will protect our independence until we become strong and self-sustained.
However, after the military defeat of USA plundering Afghan assets indicates the extreme degree of humiliation, weakness and moral decline.
Of course, it is the last degree of indignity that they escaped from the battlefield and then plundered the national assets and imposed manifold restrictions. Bravery is when you fight like a man and then concede like a man. However, after losing the battle looting the assets in such a cowardly way can be the act of only someone who lacks zeal, manhood, and dignity. Plundering the Afghan assets is analogous as if someone loses in battle; and then when they cannot do anything else and snatch something from their opponent and then leaves the battle as well.
Additionally, this plundering also shows that there are no humanitarian rights in the world, nor any laws and regulations. Instead, it is like a wild jungle, where each strong one persecutes the weak ones and the world is dominated by the wolves.
The moral level has declined to its lowest ground and it indicates that the organization of United Nations is built just to deceive and betray the people.
However, this steps will not only affect the status of America but also the international community as now it has become clear that American other wolves of the world have no rules and regulation, but only their own benefits are valuable to them. The step of US is clear message to all oppressed nations to stand for themselves, be united and fight against the oppressors. It shouts saying fight for your rights, abandon the way of indignity and struggle for grace and dignity.
Praise be to God, the recent step of America has become a reason of unity in Afghan nation, a large number of Afghans raised voices for their rights and condemned this moral decline of America.
For natural resources, Afghanistan is wealthy country. Afghans are also hardworking and sincere nation. The country is independent as well. Hence, Almighty Allah will soon grow our economy. It is time Afghanistan own fundamental, independent and strong economy rather than dependent, weak and fake one.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.