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Planting one sapling establishes suitable breathing environment

The pollution and destruction of the environment are akin to fire that burns dried and wet wood. Therefore, a sound environment stands as one of human beings’ priorities, and all citizens bear the responsibility to revive or re store it. Unfortunately, our country is among those that suffer from environmental pollution and contamination. The increased number of factories, companies, and large firms in other countries, the use of chemical and biological materials by the occupying countries, the dropping of phosphorus bombs and destroying gardens and forests by them are also among the primary drivers that lead to environmental pollution and contamination of the water and air. Polluting the environment is considered one of the factors that contribute to the increasing of deadly and life– claiming diseases The health experts believe that many of our fellow citizens have already been infected with various diseases in this season. It is noteworthy that establishing green areas and protecting the environment are not solely the responsibility of the government but also a human mission and a public responsibility. We are unlikely to have a sound and clean environment for ourselves and transform our cities and towns to a required environment if a general consensus is not created for protecting a sound and fair environment. One of the primary and significant approaches to overcoming environmental pollution issues is planting trees and saplings alongside the roads and streets. The media outlets and governmental and non-governmental entities are required to prepare the mindset of the public for planting trees and saplings since by planting a tree; we pave the way for breathing in a suitable environment with pure oxygen and clean energy. It is worth mentioning that planting trees and saplings not only ensures a clean and sound environment but also has many economic benefits. By investing in nature through the culture of sapling planting, you are securing a future of clean air and a healthier environment for yourself and your loved ones. This is an investment that is never prone to loss and is enduring. Planting saplings and trees during wartime was forgotten in our country, and our nation was reluctant to plant a tree or a sapling in front of their houses or residential areas since they didn’t know that planting a sapling contributes to the beautifying of our cities and streets. Now, as the country is liberated from war and occupation and there is no war and bombardment, it is our collective responsibility as citizens to plant saplings inside our houses and residential areas. Together, we can contribute to the greenery of our country and create a healthier, more beautiful environment for all. Therefore, the government, particularly the municipality and the nation, bears the responsibility to pay immediate attention to the cleanliness and beauty of the cities, given the increased population. Afghanistan will be green, and beauty and pollution will increase significantly in the next five years if each citizen plants one sapling in the area where they live. The time to act is now. Sayed Asef Fekrat

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.