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People’s reactions to ongoing search operation

KABUL: The people of Afghanistan are pleased and welcome door-to-door search operation as the Islamic Emirate security officials have launched a general house search operation in the capital, Kabul and neighboring provinces to seize illegal weapons, military arms and detain kidnappers. According to security officials, the searching operation is aimed to ensure the security of capital and provinces an d identify the destructive people including criminals, thieves, robbers, kidnapers and muggers.
The operation is welcomed with positive reactions from the citizens of Kabul.
Rahil Rahgozar, a resident of Kabul, admired the move by the security authorities, saying that door-to-door search operation would reduce crime and allow citizens to roam and travel fearlessly.
Siawash Sahak, another resident of Kabul, while expressing gratitude and satisfaction with the latest moves of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, adds that in the previous government, thieves, muggers and robbers used to mug and rob people in streets and bazaars in early mornings and late evenings with weapons, take their mobile phones, laptops and money, even they would kill anybody while facing resistance. So it is the duty of each and every person to cooperate with the security forces of the country, and let themselves live a safe and prosperous life. The video shared by Ministry of Interior with media shows that the operation team includes female staff who assist males while searching the houses. Also, a statement from the ministry adds that the local chieftain and mosque Imam accompany them in their relevant areas and that no civilian would be harmed in any mean. The ministry of interior insists that if any person using name of security official of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan enters the citizens’ houses without the presence of the local chieftain and imam of the mosque, they should inform the relevant district security officials should be informed. The Ministry of Interior have asked the citizens to hand over their unlicensed weapons to the Ministry as soon as possible, or the violators will be dealt with seriously and legally.
According to Zabihullah Mujahid, IEA spokesperson and Deputy to the Ministry of Information and Culture, speaking to media representatives, so far 9 persons have been freed who had been kidnapped including a doctor who was kidnapped from his clinic at Kabul, as a result of door-to-door search operation. Moreover 5 ISIS members were also detected through the operation and a large number military ammunitions including of 133 Kalashnikovs, 4 M4s, 181 pistols, two carbines, 44 rockets launcher with 85 rockets, 20 hand grenades. , 36 sticky and non-sticky mines, 13 tons of gunpowder, four rangers, 44 ordinary vehicles, 13 armored vehicles, three armored cruisers, one Hilux, 64 small and 12 big radios and satellites, 42 jammer as well as 60000 different types of bullets and a number of other arms were discovered during the operation. Mujahid also called on the people of Afghanistan, especially the people of Kabul, to cooperate with the Afghan forces in carrying out the operation and assured that the operation would not harm anyone. Saida Ahmadi

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