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People’s participation key to good governance

In unprecedented move, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has been meeting representatives and residents of different districts of Kabul, aiming to hear their problems and address them. In a meeting with a number of residents from the 12th, 21th and 22th police districts and Bagrami district as part of the “National Debate” program here on Sunday, President Ghani ordered to Kabul electricity head to resolve peoples’ electricity issues within next three weeks or risk their jobs.
President Ghani thanked the public representatives for discussing people’s problems with him. He said he had told the authorities concerned about their discriminatory behavior with residents of Kabul.
Meanwhile, participants of the debates spoke about insecurity, robbers, education, schools, roads and streets construction, canals, hospitals, land grabbing, electricity outages, powerful individuals, women recruitments, construction of ring roads with President Ghani at the meeting.
The government has been consulting with people on different issues and has brought about a platform where residents easily share their problems closely with the high ranking officials. The government has time and again asked people’s opinion on different political, cultural, social and economic spheres to help strengthen the democratic values and ease mass participation of people.
indeed, based on the principle of participation and involvement, all citizens regardless of social status, gender, or ethnic background should have equal opportunities to take part in social, cultural, economic and political life to ensure a set of social rights which comprise the right of education, the right of information, the right of minimum income and everyone should enjoy equal opportunity in the society, there would be no unemployment, the living standard of the people should be raised and they should have economic security.
There can be little doubt that ultimately, over the long run, the best defense against the Taliban and rampant culture of militancy and extremism is “good governance”. This relatively new concept has come to be widely accepted as one of the most important preconditions for the development and progress of any country whether in the developed or the developing world.
A national sense of ownership towards the administration and the national apparatus of governance is a must for the system to be inclusive. The ideal of inclusiveness also implies equity and justice. The system of administration and governance must be able to provide justice and treat all with equity and fairness.
Meanwhile, accountability is a key requirement of good governance. Not only governmental institutions but also the private sector and civil society organizations must be accountable to the public and to their institutional stakeholders. The institutions in Afghanistan, on the other hand, have lacked this basic factor which has resulted in uncontrolled corruption and mismanagement in the past.
Therefore, the national unity government leaders did more to bring about transparency and accountability to the public works and spared no efforts to strengthen sense of national unity and eased mass participation of people in different spheres of socio-economic, cultural and political activities.
The government believes that good governance requires that there should be partaking of all the important groups of the society within the decision making process and must engage both men and women.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.