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People welcome recent decision of National Food and Drug Authority

People are happy about the recent decision of the National Food and Drug Authority based on which the authority is developing a software to control prices, meaning that prices of medicines will be recorded and all the details will be known to the people by scanning the bar code. According to the people, the government should further pay attention to developing such software as this is a standard system. If such software is launched, the customer won’t negotiate the price with the seller as the price of each item will be known to them. Khalid Taskin and Hamidullah, two residents of Jalalabad, say the Islamic Emirate should activate the new system as soon as possible so that the people face no issues in purchasing their things particularly medicines fromdrug stores. “Medicine stores sell their medicines in high price. Besides, the price of a tablet differs from one place to other,” Khalid Taskin said, adding that it will be very good if the new system is activated in the country. “The government should put this in its top working priority, task a commission to control MD doctors’ fees and punish those importing lowquality medicines from neighboring countries,” Hamidullah said. He stressed that urgent actions should be taken against those doctors that have not completed their stagers but opened clinics for treatment of patients, adding that the more urgent step in taken in this regard, the more it is good for the people and patients. Umara Khan, another resident of Nangarhar province, praised the country’s national food and drug authority for its recent step towards developing a new software to control the prices of medicines in the country’s medical stores. “The prices of medicines in medical stores are so high and the people cannot afford to buy them. We’re praising the recent step of the country’s national food and drug authority,” Umara Khan said. According to Afghanistan National Food and Drug Authority, all medical stores need to be registered based on a new procedure. The authority’s recent step has been welcomed by ordinary people in the country. The people hope that by launching and activating the new system, the prices of medicines in the country’s medical stores will drop. Munir Ahmad Tanvir

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.