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People should be mobilized in defending the country: House of People

By: Suraya Raiszada

KABUL: Following growing insecurities in a number of provinces and Taliban fierce attacks on several districts, the Wolesi Jirga or lower house of the country called on government, political leaders and security bodies to encourage and mobilize people in defending the county.
Expressing concern on the Taliban attacks in a number of districts, the House Speaker Mir Rahman Rahmani, during the plenary meeting, said: “At the present conditions, all military programs and strategies must be changed by ANDSF authorities.
The youth and people must be involved in self-independent defense and defend the country against warmongers.” Rahmani added, increasing wars and nationwide violence particularly targeted attacks west of Kabul have caused concern of the house.
“Brutal militants have intensified war in the country and people are spending bitter days,” appreciating ANDSF struggle against Taliban, Rahmani told the house.
He asked the house commissions of domestic security and defense affairs to investigate the reasons behind the collapse of a number of districts. In the wake of collapse of these districts in different provinces MoI said that mediation of certain individuals called local influential to hand over some security posts to the Taliban militants was collaboration with the enemy.
Pointing to the reports about mediation of some people to handover security posts to the Taliban, MoI spokesman Tareq Aryan said that this gesture of so-called local influential was considered as direct cooperation with Taliban and now several people have been detained in connection with this issue.
The collapse of some districts takes place with no heavy clash and according to available reports these districts have been captured without fighting but with the mediation of some local influential.
Former security officer Mirza Mohammad Yarmand believes that continuation of violence after peace agreement between government and the Taliban depends to situation.
If Taliban ceases ties with Al-Qaeda, other small terror groups would lose their moral and activities here and they will be eliminated simply in Afghanistan. Although ANDSF have undertaken certain measures to mop up armed groups in the heavily insurgency-battered provinces but they have not been sufficient and unfortunately large number of district are under Taliban threat. Security officials said that due to their strategic location near to central Asian countries, the northern provinces are often attacked by the Taliban militants.
They assure that they would bridle all their offensives. The concerns come at a time when the government of Afghanistan has said reduction of violence and ceasefire was its top priorities in the peace negotiations with the Taliban side. According to the MoD data, over the last one week, 19 provinces had witnessed heavy conflicts including Herat, Uruzgan, Helmand, Kunduz, Ghor, Kandahar, Nimruz, Zabul, Balkh, Logar, Badakhshan, Baghlan, Samangan, Sar-e-Pul and Badghis.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.