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People responsible for protecting environment

Air and environmental pollution have now changed to one of the serious global and regional problems. The indiscriminate use of polluting substances, climate change and man-made production, such as the eruption of volcanoes, burning of forests, evaporation of chemical substances, and production of greenhouse gases by the countries Industrialization and the use of fossil fuel materials are all considered as the main source of
air pollution in the world.
Although Afghanistan is not an industrial country, it has been polluted and affected due to the greenhouse gases produced by countries in the region and the world, the use of fossil materials such as contaminated oil, coal and wood used in the cold season, which all pose a serious threat to the health of the country’s citizens.
Now that winter is almost arriving, the risk of air pollution increases as the people who are mostly poor might be forced to use more polluting fuel materials, such as wood, coal, rubber, tars and highly smoky plastic waste.
The air pollution in big cities, especially in Kabul has caused various respiratory diseases in recent years despite steps taken by Kabul municipality and environment protection agencies.
It is time that relevant organs of the Islamic Emirate take comprehensive measures to prevent air pollution in the upcoming winter season. As the first step, sufficient electricity should be fairly distributed and maintained for residents of Kabul and other big cities facing with serious threat of air pollution. Secondly, in addition to taking measures to protect against increased pollution sources by installing filters, the authorities should provide sufficient gas which is considered as a good source of clean heat to the country’s markets.
Besides, the Islamic Emirate should absorb private investment for the construction of hydroelectric dams and providing gas, solar and wind power generation devices that can help prevent pollution in the cold seasons of the year.
Meanwhile, the officials of the control and standards department are asked to prevent from importing low-quality fuel and oil because one of the important sources of air pollution is the use of non-standard oils in the country.
Decades of conflict, coupled with drought and earthquakes and other natural incidents as floods have had devastating impacts not only on the people of Afghanistan but also on its natural environment, once pristine and rich in biological diversity.
Mohammad Daud

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.