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People optimism on recent snowfalls

The drought in recent few years had forced our great number of people to leave their home villages in different provinces including Ghor, Farah, Badghis, Kunduz and displaced to other areas.
But fortunately, consecutive snowfalls in current winter, have created this hope to cattle-breeders, peasants and horticultures that in upcoming year they would be salvating from drought.
In their conversations with The Kabul Times reporter, some countrymen expressed their hope as the following.
Sayed Mohboob Hashimi one of the Kabul original residents said, the Afghan people call this winter as a good and blessing one and take the next year as a glad tiding which are the signs of plenty of blessings of Allah the Almighty.
Yaqob Shah a resident of Qarabagh district said, current snowfalls would cause Karazes and springs to be enriched and produce large quantity of water for agricultural fields and rescue our farmers and landowners from drought and harvest good products.
According to Ministry of Energy and Water (MoEW) due to current winter snowfalls, the level of waters has increased 150% and compare to the last five years, increased 51 percent which is a good news for Afghans.
According to WATICA, current winter snowfalls in 5 month of 1397 comparing to the five months of the last year of 1396 has increased 235 percent or two and half fold.
According to environmental experts, the water level in Kabul dams has increased and improved hopes for reduction of droughts. The officials of the water level National Disasters management Authority NDMA have also told the media that in current winter almost all provinces have been witnessing heavy snowfalls. In some provinces like Herat, heavy snowfalls have even caused financial damages and casualties too.

Masouda Qarizada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.