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People cooperation with security forces a must

Security is a blessing of Allah, under which people can develop their daily affairs and can live peacefully. With full confidence, they can take part in the development and prosperity of their country. In our dear country Afghanistan, after forty years, the Almighty Allah granted the blessing of security and this valuable gem was obtained with the pure blood of martyrs and the efforts and sacrifices of the devotees and Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate. Now it is up to us to protect this precious gem properly and not let the bad individuals to destroy it. Because this precious gem is not easily obtained, but on the way to obtain it, thousands of youths of this country have died and sacrificed their sweet lives. So, it is necessary for the nation and the people to be in harmony with their security forces and identify those who are working to disrupt the country’s security and hand them over to the law. Because, security is not related to an individual or a group, security is an umbrella that covers all people and protects their property, honor and values. Afghanistan is in the focus of aliens’ intelligence and they constantly want this land to be unsafe and to make it unsafe and to reach their vicious target, they plot and try every moment. But if our nation is awake and aware of the enemy’s conspiracy, the conspiracy of the enemies of Islam and Afghanistan will never succeed, and those who are defeated and dance with foreigners will not be able to do anything wrong and will fail in their conspiracies. Therefore, it is necessary for the Afghan nation to take this blessing and this precious gem at any cost and to preserve and protect themselves, family, property and honor by preserving it otherwise, the difficult days and dark and bitter times will come to them again and will take this great blessing from us. Therefore, it is necessary for every one of our nations to give importance to the security of our country by paying grateful prostrations before the Lord of the worlds and taking responsibility, and to keep this precious gem safe and protect it in cooperation with our brave security forces.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.