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People cooperation behind sure security in the country

As it can be seen, security is getting better with each passing day, and the people of Afghanistan are doing their daily work with peace of mind and a safe atmosphere, and there is no security concern in the country. Sure security encouraged most of the countries and made them send their tourists to Afghanistan to visit the landscapes and natural attractions of this land. Also, most countries are interested to have good interactions with Afghanistan, investing in the country and gradually recognizing the government of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. But some world powers, with bitter experiences from failure in Afghanistan, do not allow these countries to recognize the Islamic Emirate and cooperate with the people and the current government for the settlement and development of Afghanistan. Today, the countrywide security in Afghanistan today has facilitated opportunities that the people to carry out their daily work, business and activities in the country, with a peaceful mind and away from worries. With the Islamic Emirate takeover corruption, drug cultivation eradicated and collecting and treating drug addicts, gathering beggars, urban order, starting large and small national and infrastructural development projects, maintaining territorial integrity and dozens of other achievements have taken place. We believe that if the foreign hands are completely cut off from the internal affairs of Afghanistan, without doubt, Afghanistan will soon climb to the heights of progress and excellence, and the suffering nation of Afghanistan will be freed from problems and challenges. Most of all, it is up to us, the people of Afghanistan to strive for peace, order, solidarity and prosperity in our country and work hard for the development and progress of the country so that we can get Afghanistan out of misery and bring it to the blessing of happiness, progress and development in the near future. The biggest reason for countrywide security is mostly the cooperation of the people as the more the people cooperate with the security organs the more security ensures all over the country. Also, there is a need for joint and close cooperation between the government’s security institutions and the common people in this field. Anywhere, if a security threat was witnessed, the area residents have the responsibility to inform the security organs to foil it.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.