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People asking for opening Nawa Pass trade route

People are asking for the reopening of Nawa Pass trade route that has been closed for several years. The route is considered as one of the key transit routes between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Mohammad Ishaq, a Kunar resident who spent most years of his life in Nawagai, has not visited Bajaur to meet his relatives for years. “I hope Nawa Pass point be opened for business. With opening the point, a number of families will start commuting to each other houses,” Mohammad Ishaq said, adding that the point has been closed for years. “Our relatives are living on the other side of Durand Line and we have not been able to meet each other for several years,” Ishaq said, adding that elders from both sides have worked to urge the governments of Pakistan and Afghanistan to open the point but no results have been seen so far. It was reported that Nawa Pass point would be opened after Eid days, but both governments of Pakistan and Afghanistan have not said anything in this regard. Days before Eid, elders from both Bajaur and Kunar in a jirga had asked for opening the point. The jirga was also attended by representatives of both the Afghanistan and Pakistan governments. The jirga representatives from Bajaur side was led by Shaikh Jehanzada, who repeatedly asked for opening the point. “We elders of both sides have held several jirgas and asked for opening this historic route connecting Kunar with Bajaur,” Jehanzada said, adding that closing the route has created lots of problems for the people of both sides. Afghanistan was represented by elders from Kunar province Malik Mohammad Miran, Khan Bacha, Miandad Khan and others. Some time ago, the leadership delegation of the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce said that the Afghanistan government was insisting on opening the Nawa Pass point to turn this into a transit route. It is worth mentioning that this historic route connecting Kunar with Bajaur and Peshawar is considered as an important transit route for both directions, where small loaded vehicles can cross the point easily. Munir Ahmad Tanvir

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.