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People against nontransparent aid distribution process

Tons of foodstuff from some world countries, including the regional and neighboring nations poured into the country to be distributed among the poverty-stricken people, after the change in the political system more than one year ago.
World countries cut off political cooperation, after the Islamic Emirate’s takeover of the country in mid-August 2021, but continued their help with humanitarian aids to the people of Afghanistan, especially after the U.S. freezing of up to 9 billion U.S. dollar in the country’s central bank assets.
The freezing cash asset of the country caused the level of unemployment and poverty rise in the country. However, some world countries started aiding the poverty-stricken people, mainly, by sending wheat, flour and other edible items.
Since the start of the humanitarian aids in Afghanistan, most of destitute families complain about lack of transparency in the distribution process.
They said most of the deserving people have not received the aids or received less, while wide numbers of undeserving people have been benefiting the aid. This is due to nepotism and a process carried out by the corrupt area chieftains and the failure of the Islamic Emirate’s related officials to deeply supervise the process.
Some say they have not yet received aids from any organizations, despite being registered at the doorsteps of their houses, while others even owning own cars and houses and were economically sound, receive the aids.
People thought the aid distribution process would differ with the one in the past government, after the IEA takeover, but they are now disappointed and said in both former and current systems, the poor are ignored.
During the former regimes, the aid distribution process has been full of corruption and the area chieftains were distributing aids to those who have either been their relatives or undeserving people receiving the aids in condition to share with the distributing teams’ personnel.
This and similar factors coupled to help collapse the system. The Islamic Emirate authorities should take the issue serious and give the rights to those deserved, on one hand and on the other, any corrupt individuals including those belonging to the government organs, even if they were ministers, deputy ministers or other high-ranking officials, should be identified and taken to the law.
The process could be just, fair and successful, when honest individuals and people of virtue were appointed to the most important aid-distributing agencies, including the capital and the provinces.
Most importantly, when any of the related officials or personnel are found corrupt, should not only be dismissed of the office, but soon also be arrested and taken to the law.
Such anti-corruption acts by the government monitoring offices, either small or big, would be a lesson to others and help prevent the repetition of the heinous phenomenon, in addition of helping to the elevation of the Islamic Emirate’s credibility among the people.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.