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Pen; the most powerful weapon in world

The Pen Day is celebrated each year on 6 May in Afghanistan to focus on the role of pen. Pen is considered as the most powerful weapon in the world and there are various roles a pen can play. No one knows the actual power of the pen. With pen, we can write raise awareness about the importance of education, we use our pens to propagate the teachings of Islam in the light of Quran and Hadith, we can use our pens to work for peace, justice and unity of our Muslim brothers and we can use our pens to help our people and country reach to the highest peak of successes. Pen is one of the Allah’s signs, it is worthy to note that Quran and Hadith all are recorded by pen; it definitely marvels all of us. Pen is mightier than the sword this is all we know, writing is always the priceless one who writes is the most responsible person in the world because through his writing there is a great impact on the society, so one who holds the pen in his hand should always write the truth and reject falsehood. Pen is used to record world history and its events. Pen has the ability to write down events in such a way that if one is hearing or seeing the events with eyes. Those writers are really blessed who use the pen to eradicate evil in society, to re fute falsehood and blessed are those writers who push their pen for truth, peace and justice. One thing worthy to note is that pen protects the rights of people. Pen has the power to spread knowledge. The pen can be used by the common man as well as the elite both of them can push their pen to express their thoughts, and their feelings and both can write down day-to-day events which are happening in the society. Pen can be used by jurists also to dispense justice. It is clear pen can be used by anyone whether a doctor, teacher or anyone else, everyone’s pen has its own significance; everyone’s pen has its own charm. Pen has the power to change the society for better; there are thousands of writers who work very hard to use their pen for the betterment of society. All the developments in each field we see in the world are by the blessing of pen. Therefore, we should always use pen for constructive purposes, it should be blended with positive thoughts always. Let us remember: one pen can change the world. There is no doubt that the pen is the source of education in Islam, the pen can put a man into the highest rank of human accomplishment. Mashal Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.