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Peasants need marketing for their products

This year’s farmers’ festival was organized with the participation of government authorities and common people with opening of agro-fair dancing and National Atan by peasants in Badambagh area, Kabul at a time that farmers are facing problems including lack of markets for their products and green houses. Farmers request the MoAIL to tackle their problems.
In their interviews with The Kabul Times repoter, they said, every year, the MoAIL organizes new years festival in Kabul and invite them to attend it to exhibit their products but we want the MoAIL to deal with our problems.
In current years agro-fair in Badambagh, Kabul, agricultural products, fruits, vegetables, medicinal herbs, women handicrafts, Saffron and dairy products have been displayed in 230 boothies for marketing.
A number of visitors of agro-fair were happy for displaying of these products for growth of national economy.
They welcome this year’s agro-fair and said that this exhibition was the best farmer’s festival in which peasants and horticulturistsof all provinces and districts had taken part.
Muhibullah a visitor of the agro-fair said, it was a good agro-fair and we are very happy. Our brother farmers came from all provinces and districts and made sincere efforts. I support domestic agricultural products.
Abdurrahman Naseri a farmer from Kabul province said, we request the MoAIL to build green houses and processing and packing centers in our districts, enable us to prevent imports of foreign fruits and support domestic products.
Anisa a female resident of Kapisa province who is involved in agricultural products, called holding of agro-fairs as a good step for marketing of domestic products.
She asked the government to support them to sell their products. If markets are available for us, we can sell our products. But now Iranian and Pakistani products are our rivals in domestic markets. She asked people to purchase domestic products and improve national economy.
A source of the MoAIL said they have undertaken big programs for construction of green houses, wheat warehouses, wheat packing and processing centers, construction of slaughter houses and access of industrialists and peasants to foreign markets. Payment of loans to peasants is major part of their programs.
The MoAIL this year plans to offer Afs 23000000 through microfinance banks under very easy terms.
Addressing the agro-fair, MoAIL Naseer Ahmad Durany said, last year drough inflicted heavy damages to our farmers and this year we plan to undertake important programs to reserve waters.
Officials of the MoAIL and a number of farmers believe that recent snowfalls and rains have reduced agriculture problems and level of products would increase this year.
Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.