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Peaceful co-existence impossible with mercenary Taliban

The inhabitants of regions that were recently occupied by Taliban, escaping massively to rescue themselves and take refuge in areas under the government domination. In recent days Kabul has seen massive migration of countrymen, women and children from the areas under the Taliban domination.
Although the Taliban release messages on pardoning people and non-interference in their life and businesses, but people don’t trust their messages and promises and try to escape at any possible way from their occupied areas.
Actions of Taliban militants in areas under their control have terrorized most of Afghan citizens, shocking news are published from the areas under the Taliban domination indicating their more oppressive and merciless actions. Massive killing of people, arrest and conducting kangaroo courts of women and civil activities, compulsory relocation of people and compulsory marriage of women and girls are prominent examples of crimes committed by Taliban in areas under their rule.
Execution of over 100 civilians in Spin Boldak city of Kandahar and over 20 civilians in Malestan district of Ghazni province are frank crimes perpetrated by Taliban in recent months. The merciless murder of Kandahari comedian Nazar Muhammad Khasha in Dand district was universally reflected and reintroduced the Taliban original face to the world people.
The militant group’s actions against people have sparked strong reaction of the UN, human right bodies and even the countries involved in Afghanistan peace process. Addressing an extraordinary meeting of the UNSC last week, the UN Secretary General’s special envoy for Afghanistan Deborah Lyons said that Afghanistan has been facing an increasing and systematic violation of human rights.
Meanwhile the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission has also accused Taliban to violation of human rights, particularly the women and girls. In the areas under their control, Taliban have imposed restricted regulations and have narrowed the breathing atmosphere to people.
No media is operating in Taliban areas of control. The group have shut down doors of all media and have organized publicity of certain media in their advantages. Girls’ schools have been closed in the militant’s occupied area and no women and girls are allowed to go out of home without family male accompanying them.
The Afghan citizens particularly the young generation who have been acquainted with their rights during the recent 20 years and learned a lot about the world around them see no reason to live under the Taliban banner. The Afghan people no longer want their legal rights be violated by an armed group without any reason.
Therefore, they resort to massive desertion and leave their native home and villages. Massive desertion of Afghans from the Taliban occupied areas indicated people wrath and indignation from these mercenaries and proxy militants.
It shows that not only they have not changed but their behavior and actions against people have been further harshened. Massive migration of people from the Taliban occupied areas despite of lobbying of foreign media, show that residents don’t trust Taliban and fearing of their actions and behavior. People’s wrath and indignation from Taliban means that their method of governance is not acceptable to them, and peaceful co-existence is impossible and impractical with mercenary Taliban.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.