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Peaceful Afghanistan needs honest cooperation

It has now turned into an expression since long saying: “Peaceful Afghanistan key to global stability.” Politicians from the region and the world, particularly from the neighboring countries, still describe Afghanistan as haveing been the core for-regional stability if was itself secure and peaceful. During the past foreign backed regimes, leaders and statesmen of the world used to use the same ‘expression’ and call the war-affected country a center for the stability of the region and the world. But nothing tangible cooperation have been witnessed from them to help the country remain, even itself, stable. If all sides of their political spectrum ware evaluated, it will clearly become obvious that they have not been honest in their commitments towards Afghanistan. Furthermore, in most cases, they have even been reported to have interfered in the internal affairs of the country and flamed the fire of war and discords among the friendly tribes of the country. Some of them, still harboring anti-security elements and are still training them in their soil and sending to our country for distractive purposes. But, the Islamic Emirate brave security forces could foil all their conspiracies and devil plots and gave them decisive response, everywhere inside the country and across the borders. The main reason that plunged Afghanistan into long-protracted wars and bloodshed, had been such futile and meaningless assertions and worst of them foreign interferences. The recent remarks of the Pakistani Foreign Minister in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) should guarantee his government’s commitment to help Afghanistan reach a real security that leads to the world’s stability. The neighboring country’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that ‘a peaceful and stable Afghanistan was a key not only to regional integration and economic cooperation but also to global peace and stability.’ In his keynote address to the Shanghai Cooperation Organizations’ Council of Ministers’ summit held in India, the foreign minister said that both challenges and opportunities have been brought by the current situation in Afghanistan. Also, he called on the international community to meaningfully engage with Afghanistan (under the Islamic system) to better understand and influence the course of events. The people of Afghanistan who are fed up with long war-originated miseries, welcome such assertions by Pakistan’s Foreign Minister about their Islamic system, but want the neighboring country to honor its commitment towards and stay alongside the Islamic Emirate in curbing any distractive activities felt by anti-insecurity elements and jointly repress them along the two countries borders. Afghanistan, under the Islamic Emirate, would never allow any foreign militancy influence into its territory, nor allow any militant group to use the country’s soil against others. All countries of the region and the world should once again remain committed for a lasting peaceful Afghanistan, where a broad-based government has now been ensured with efforts going on to make it inclusive. Corruption is fought and uprooted and drug deal and trafficking are near to full eradication.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.