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Peace top government priority, President Ghani

By: The Kabul Times

In his separate meetings with foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Special Representative of the European Community for Iran, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani at his residence in Turkey spoke about peace, security and fighting terrorism, a statement from the Presidential Palace said Tuesday.
At the sideline of the 8th Hearth of Asia Conference-Istanbul Process with the Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Jawad Zarif, the president explained his program about peace and said: “Peace is the top priority of the government of Afghanistan and the will of our people, but a ceasefire should firstly be set and the problems of the Afghan refugees should be met out of the country.”
“To fight drugs and overcome regional challenges, there is a need for joint cooperation,” said the statement quoting the country’s president.
Meanwhile, the Iranian Foreign Minister said his country was committed to support an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process. “We support the position of the government of Afghanistan about the presidential election, which is based on its constitution.”
The minister said his country insist on the preservation of the entire Afghan achievements and want war ended and peace restored, in the country, the statement quoted.
The country’s president also insisted in war on terror with all its kinds, which are still operational in Afghanistan.
Pointing to the historical relations between Iran and Afghanistan, the president said there was a need for expansion of cooperation for the stability and expansion of regional economy. The country’s president, during a meeting with the European Community’s Special Representative for Afghanistan also exchanged view about peace and security as well as the European Union support to Afghanistan.
“We are making effort to bring a peace, the outcome of which was a real pace and end of war,” said the president as a separate statement quoted.
For peace restoration, President Ghani said a principle should be used to help end war and reach a lasting peace in the country. He asked the European Union for supporting the government of Afghanistan in regional economy and regional connectivity.
He also asked the European community for investing in Afghanistan, as he pointed to the country’s rich mines and other investment areas.
For his turn, the European Community Special Representative for Afghanistan said the European Community was committed for a lasting peace in Afghanistan and support an initial ceasefire to pave the way for reaching a lasting peace.
The president also in his meeting with the US under-secretary of foreign affairs spoke about peace and said Afghanistan was seeking a real peace that could lead to the end of war in the country, a spate statement from the Presidential Palace said.
The country’s president also pointed to the relation between Afghanistan and Pakistan and said as a crossroad for regional connectivity, Afghanistan is willing active part from Pakistan and other regional countries in the regional cooperation and connectivity, the statement said.
The US under-secretary of foreign also reiterated his country’s support to the Afghan lead peace and assured staying beside the government and the people of Afghanistan and would spare no cooperation with the country in this respect, the statement said.

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