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Peace talks should follow absolute truce to avoid civilians’ death

By: M. Wali Qasemi

Hundreds of people, mostly civilians are killed or wounded, after the start of peace talks between the US and the Taliban which has reached to seven rounds so far.
US Special Evnoy Zalmay Khalilzad has said that the direct peace talks between the government and the Taliban representatives will start after US Taliban agreement, but nothing he said about why the talks didn’t stop so wide bloodshed in the country.
According to Khalilzad, an inclusive peace talks will happen between a national team (he may mean to be led by the government) consisting of senior government officials, key political party representatives, civil society and women and the Taliban representatives, but the envoy, who is a key part of negotiation, didn’t lodge ceasefire as the key condition of the talks.
According to media, the assertions come hours after the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, in a statement, called for a direct talks with the Taliban, with the US peace envoy Khalilzad clarifying that the talks will take place after the United States “concludes its own agreement” with the Taliban group.
Likewise, minister of the newly established state for peace Abdul Salam Rahimi assured that the next talks, which is expected to be held in a European country, would also be within the next two weeks.
On the other, Taliban is continuing the brutalist war and violence in Afghanistan, where civilians are mostly hurt and their houses are destroyed.
The militants are killing innocent people, including women and children, by planting roadside mines, bombs and blowing schools, mosques and hospitals. They are killing government employees, launching indiscriminate offensives in the areas, where mostly civilians are hurt, public project stranded and hundreds of people displaced.
Although, Khalilzad is reiterating for an inclusive and effective national negotiating team to enter direct talks with the Taliban representatives, but the militants should be convinced to stop violence as they are now taking part in several rounds of peace processes, however not engaged in still direct talks with the government.
Because continuing bloodshed and destroying people houses is against the spirit of peace plan.
On the other hand, we have not only US as the stakeholder in Afghanistan issue, but many others with long anti-terrorist combatants and cooperation in the war-affected nation.
So, the international community, beside the US, should not also be waiting for what will be the results but should show its role on the current peace talks.
When we said the peace process should be wide and inclusive, so this means that the international community should play its role, as there is not only the US, and we have many stakeholders from the world in the Afghanistan issue.
Now that the government has started consultations with different stakeholders on how to form a multi member negotiating team who will lead the peace talks with the Taliban, there is a need for a peace member from the world to use force on the Taliban negotiating team to accept ceasefire as the key condition of the peace talks, ahead of the direct talks with the rebels.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.