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Peace should be sought in battlefields

Men holding Afghan flags stand at a hilltop in Kabul, Afghanistan July 23, 2019. REUTERS/Omar Sobhani

When for the first time, the United States entered talks with Taliban in Doha, it seemed that a new page would be opened in Afghanistan and that the war-weary Afghans would finally see a bit of peace in their country.
People were believing that with direct support of US and the international community, Taliban would show flexibility, give up war and submit to a political solution. But with signing of peace agreement with US in Doha, Taliban continued violence against Afghans and their deal was only to guarantee peace and ceasefire with US. Later reports emerged that Taliban even guarded the US military bases but attacked Afghan forces check posts in different provinces.
The Taliban-US agreement, instead to help restoration of peace and stability in Afghanistan, resulted in intensification of violence and further complication of situation. The US-Taliban agreement indeed promoted the group from a terrorist faction to a political movement and granted international reputation and prestige to the group. Meanwhile their Doha agreement released over 5000 Taliban prisoners and sent them to battlefields to fight Afghan forces and people.
Doha agreement gave false believe and arrogance to Taliban and doubled their incentive to return to power, resorting to violence and implement their favorite rule. Doha agreement exonerated Taliban and caused the regional countries to recognize the movement and the Afghan peace process has been changed to a great regional game.
Despite of their clear knowledge, that Taliban commit terrorist activities, have close ties with international terror networks, don’t believe in peaceful life and intend to grow and cultivate extremist ideas and actions, the regional countries and our northern, eastern and western neighbors, are enthusiast to enter dealing with this group and want to play key role in future of Afghanistan.
Russian, Iranian, Uzbeks and Pakistani statements show that they have not taken serious the risk of Taliban return to power in Afghanistan, while the militants have reached borders of the Central Asian countries and have potentially jeopardized their border security, but our northern neighbors don’t imagine that the threat has reached to even their doors.
These countries still appear in role of spectators and have no concern on current situation of Afghanistan. Now it is not clear that which scenario is underhand and that the Afghan neighbors and regional powers have agreed and achieved which kind of agreement and deal on the future of Afghanistan. But nevertheless, the only thing which is important to the Afghan people, is to prevent disintegration of the system and return to the past.
Taliban believe in no peace and peaceful solution of war. The group wants to settle the dispute through resorting to war and seeking to return to the power by force. Their increasing violence in the last one or two months show frankly that they have chosen the way of war. In such a circumstance, continuation of talks with this group would be wasting of time and would bear no positive result.
Now, the peace talks with Taliban should be stopped, the government negotiating delegation must be recalled to Kabul, a big consensus should be formed to prevent disintegration and ensure survival of the system and Taliban must be exterminated in the battlefields.
The government and ANDSF have this capability to defeat Taliban in the battlefields, particularly at this situation that public uprisings and resistance have taken shape against Taliban, and the Afghan people have been mobilizing everyday against the insurgents.
Anti-Taliban uprisings indicate that Taliban have no public support and bases and can’t take power by force. The Afghan government should exploit this historical opportunity and seek peace and stability in the battlefields.


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