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Peace restoration, Afghans’ only wish in new year

Every new year brings a new hope for all Afghans. It is expected that this year would bring an end to all the fears and rumors about the future of our country, and we would enter a new year with a stronger belief on our progress, democratic stability and peace and prosperity in the country.
New Year came and being a patriot of our country, it is the time to make new pledges and pin new hopes with the year to come. The year to follow is important with a fact that many efforts would be made to jump start the stalled peace process and bring about an end to the continued violence and Afghans’ sufferings.
Today, Afghans still suffer. Insurgency is still not letting them to breathe freely, let alone celebrating events such as Nawroz without launching terror attacks. Afghans have entered the new year at the time when their country is facing grave security, political, social and economic challenges.
Taliban and their supporters have been sparing no efforts to destabilize the country and bring about fears among common masses. The terrorists have also carried out many attempts to bring gap between the state and people. However despite of their deadly attacks and propagandas, they could not reach their goals, since people attending all democratic processes and government too implementing development programs for wellbeing of both people and the country.
Meanwhile some countries that supporting Taliban should know that they will never reach to their goals of a destabilized Afghanistan and disunity among tribes in this country. They have made open and secret supports in the last four decades, but they are yet to reach to their goals, however they have spent billions of Dollars.
These countries should shift their policy towards Afghanistan and adopt prosperous and developing strategies so that to bring about economic self-sufficiency and relief to the whole region. Supporting terror outfits would only bring devastation and suffering of the people, but adopting economic and peaceful approaches would bring happiness, development and connectivity in the region.
It must be understood that the country lies above all and our survival and prosperity is associated with our country. It is the reason why; we pin all our hopes with the country. It is the occasion to make a pledge that we will do our best to make this country a place of peace and prosperity.
It must be also understood that every individual Afghan can play its role in turning this dream into reality and until and unless Afghans don’t take this responsibility, all the nations of the world with their aids and support, cannot change our fate.
This year, we need to make a fresh pledge to be honest with our duties and our country. We pledge to prefer the country on our personal gains and benefits and make it a place better than the last year. Until and unless we don’t change individually, the country would remain in crisis and we, as a nation, will have to face the consequences.
Meanwhile the regional and trans-regional countries should also know that supporting terror would threaten their security and prosperity too, as it has been experienced in the past, therefore extending helping hands in favor of a developed and prosperous Afghansitan would be on the interest of the whole region, as regional connectivity would be increased, employment opportunities would be provided, peace would be restored and the region will once again turn into a trade and transit hub in the world.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.