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Peace in Afghanistan has regional dimensions

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Peace is one of the vital and natural desires of human beings, where life without a safe environment is hard and miserable. Every human effort is made to create an atmosphere in which he can live easily with happiness and bliss. Meanwhile, peace paves the ways for social and political changes in war-torn countries, but it is not reachable without considering its social, economic and political requirements.
Addressing a virtual conference of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) attended by heads of state, and he highlighted the ongoing developments in the region and focused on Afghanistan’s strategic location in Asia and the Afghan peace process here on Thursday, President Ghani said that for forty-two years, the Afghan people have been denied the foundational right to peace and security.
The president said that the ongoing conflict has turned Afghanistan into a killing field. “It is time to stop the violence that has turned our beautiful country into a killing field.”
The president also said: “We, the people and government of Afghanistan and our international partners, have a true sense of urgency to make and build peace. Your support for a comprehensive ceasefire to accelerate the negotiations in Doha is essential.”
Afghanistan is a country that has been in war and conflict for more than four decades. Undoubtedly, the war has different internal, regional, and international factors. Some countries in the region have been sparing no efforts to
Addressing the ECO meeting on Thursday, President Ghani also reiterated that Pakistan has a large amount of leverage to use for peace in Afghanistan. “Pakistan has an especially significant role to play in supporting a lasting peace process, for it is the country most likely to suffer from the adverse consequences of a failed peace process,” he said.
Initiating a number of national and regional projects, Afghanistan has echoed the massage of a stable Afghanistan leads to a stable region that can enjoy peace and partnership in economic and security areas. Such a vision can ensure and mobilize the different players in the Afghan conflict to participate in this process, because it ensures the overlapping interests of the different players and envision an Afghanistan that can engage all the partners to enjoy economic and security benefits. However, it requires a strong and dynamic diplomacy and a sustainable regional, cross regional and international engagement policy.
As the conflict of Afghanistan has multiple causes and peace in the country has regional dimensions, it requires all the participants, especially the regional actors, to have a clear vision and commitment to ensure Peace and security in the war-torn country.
As the history of Afghanistan in general and current conflicts in Afghanistan in specific show, it has the potential to either stabilize or destabilize the whole region and the other countries including the United Sates and the European countries.
Therefore, different partners of Afghanistan have two options, whether to support Afghanistan to overcome the current conflicts to ensure a stable region; or not to support Afghanistan and thus put the region at the verge of conflict and instability.


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