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Peace in Afghanistan guarantees regional stability

It has frequently said and accepted that peace and stability in Afghanistan is the core factor for regional stability. Even the world would feel peace if insurgency was fought and eliminated in Afghanistan. A gathering of Turkic State Organization was held recently in Astana said peace in Afghanistan would lead to the stabilization of the regional countries. The President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, in the meeting made the optimistic remarks as the neighboring country kept continue its goo relations with Afghanistan since the fall of the former government. The president, unlike other countries, once again spoke about lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan and called them in a serious need for stability in the region. Following is what he said in the 10th Turkish Nation Summit held in Astana of Kazakhstan late last week: Afghanistan should not be forgotten in the current situation. Restoration of peace and tranquility in Afghanistan, the history and fate of which have been closely related to the Turkish people over thousands of years, is the main condition for ensuring strategic stability and security in our region. However, in the current world, conflicts at different points have dramatically eliminated the attention of the international community. Also, addressing the summit, Recep Tayyip Erdoðan, President of Turkey reportedly said as the world is continuing efforts to secure the entire continent and as a member of the world, Afghanistan is also important in this regard. We, the Afghans and the Islamic Emirate appreciate these assertions and call them in the interest of both our country and the region. We, the poverty-stricken and war-torn Afghans welcome what the leaders optimistically remarked about our country and nation and under the strict conditions, we want more and strenghtened engagement between Afghanistan and the region. The neighboring countries have widely provided humanitarian assistance for the Afghan people and they are still continuing aiding them, while facing harsh economic problems and worsley, when thousands of Afghan refugees are forced to return home from Pakistan and Iran. We hope other neighboring countries to open a new chapter of good relations and strong diplomatic ties with Afghanistan, resume good interaction and mutual cooperation with the Islamic Emirate, eliminate all kinds militancy along the shared borders and help our nations and the nations of the region live in peace.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.