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Peace eases investment opportunities in Afghanistan

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a consultative meeting with traders in Kabul has said peace can pave the way for great investment opportunities in Afghanistan and that the reconciliation process could not be hidden from the public.
President Ashraf Ghani thanked the traders for sharing their views with him and said the peace process could not be kept secret from the public eyes.”Investors and the government are helpers of each other, we ought to work decisively for economic development of the country until 2024, so after this our country becomes an exporting nation,” the president said.
Boosting foreign and domestic investment is considered as a key factor for developing the Afghan fragile economy. The National Unity Government (NUG) officials stress that encouraging and facilitating investments is a top priority for the government to help grow the country’s economy.
But Peace remains elusive and is one of the fundamental needs of our society. Currently, peace has been considered an inevitable national need, since the public reveals strong hatred of war, violence and destruction. It is self-explanatory that those who are involved in war, will bear the brunt of casualties and mourn over the dead bodies of their relatives and dear ones. The need for peace has been changed into a widespread national desire and the country will have to work in this way.
Having peace and stability in the country would definitely pave the way for further investments and increasing economic activities. If different systems within a country are stable and there are not major fluctuations every now and then, the ground is said to be prepared for the investors and businessmen to jump in and establish their businesses. Businessmen and women want consistent outcomes from their investments and they abhor seeing political and social changes disturb their businesses.
The ugly phenomenon like insecurity plays major role in discouraging businesses and investments. Different incidents of terrorism and killings compel the businesses to shut down and frighten the investors to invest. The societies marked with insecurity do not have consumers going to the markets and enjoying the luxury of shopping different products.
Since the peace efforts have been intensified in recent years, it is hoped that the ground would be prepared paved for investments in Afghanistan. The natural resources of Afghanistan remain intact and can attract more foreign investors to take part in its exploitation and would also help the country to reach economic self-sufficiency.
Besides to this, the government is still needed to take extra measures for assuring investors and industrialists for their security. Overall security situation is related to the war and peace efforts in the country and the government’s ability to defeat the insurgency and improve security across the country. However, there is room for improving security for businesses and the traders and industrialists involved in trade and economic activities.
A peaceful Afghanistan would ease investment opportunities for domestic and foreign investors and would help the country to reach self-reliance. A stable and economically-rich Afghanistan would pave the way for education of its citizens and would help promote employment rates, which are the main reason behind ongoing insecurities in the country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.