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Peace and election two key options

By: Suraya Raiszada

As time to sign a possible peace agreement by the US and the Taliban is getting nearer, the government of Afghanistan has said that it was committed for holding the presidential election, because the five-year tenure of the National Unity Government (NUG) has ended and there was a need for the people to go to the polling station and practice their votes.
In his fresh remarks, the country’s president has said: “There was no doubt to holding the presidential election as the government is fully committed to hold the process.”
Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah has also said if the peace process prolonged then holding election would be a priority.
The assertions come while the US has said that peace was a priority and there was a need to finalize peace process rather to go election as the US ambassador to Afghanistan believed peace to be a priority, because the people of Afghanistan are in dire need of peace.
“Both peace and elections are important, but peace the most priority as it is the need of the Afghans and we are working in this field and hard continue cooperating with the process to succeed,” said the ambassador adding if the peace process face any challenge then the presidential election should be held timely.
However, some US congressmen warn that any peace agreement with the Taliban would cause Afghanistan retreat to past. They ask the US for not signing any peace deal with the outfit.
They said the problems of Afghanistan should be focused seriously to may not repeat the 9/11 experience and may not cause the US to restart anything from zero.
In Afghanistan, some politicians are in favor and some against holding election.
Those against holding the presidential election said the national interest, which is peace, should be taken in mind rather to go to the polling stations. While those in favor of holding the process persist for timely holding the election.
Navid Elham a regional and Afghanistan analyst said an overwhelming majority of the Afghans are willing the end of war and restoring peace in the country prior to holding the presidential election, even those interested in election now want peace to be restored in the country.
He said both are important but if there was not peace soon coming to Afghanistan, then election is a need.
Peace talks between the US and the Taliban representatives are turning its 9th round, while bloodshed still continued and innocent Afghans are still suffering the burden of war, violence and particularly growing suicide bombing as recently claimed by ISIS in a wedding ceremony in Kabul, where tens of people, including women and children were killed and wounded.
But, the Afghans don’t want repetition of the Islamic Emarah as it is feared to impose its own interpretation of Islam to violate human rights and ignore all human values including women work and girls going to schools.

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