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Passport distribution process to resume today

Department of Passport of the Ministry of Interior of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has announced that it will officially resume the distribution of passports today (Wednesday).
In a news conference, officials of the respective department last week informed that all technical problems facing the department in issuing passports to the citizens have been addressed.
“The passport department has provided more facilities for those interested in getting passports,” said Abdul Karim Hasib, general director of the passport department.
He said that the department will make efforts to distribute 10,000 passports on daily basis, adding that the distribution process of passports to the citizen will be started on Wednesday.
According to the passport department, those who have finished with the biometrical process to get an electronic ID will not be asked for biometrical data. The passport department officials say the process of online registration has also started and people can register to get a passport in accordance to their current residence.
According to the passport department, the passports that are sold in the black market are fake and invalid, saying that the department has managed to arrest 150 people involved in issuing fake and invalid passports to the people.
Pointing to providing facilities in the passport department, the general director of the passport said that the bank branch in the premises of the department of passports for the military and businessmen, as well as in the ministries of interior affairs and commerce and industry, have activated passport distribution branches, assuring that there are enough passport booklets, technical problems have been addressed and after this there will be no barrier in the passport distribution process.
The people had been facing severe challenges due to the closing of the passport office.
The people had repeatedly called for the resumption of the passport distribution process. Officials of the passport department had stopped distribution process of passports due to some technical problems.
According to officials of the passport department, all technical problems have been addressed and promised that the process won’t be stopped anymore.
It is worth mentioning that passports are issued to citizens of Afghanistan by the Ministry of the Interior for international travel. Every citizen of Afghanistan with a valid Afghan identity card (Tazkira) can apply for and receive it. It is renewable every 5-10 years.
The Afghan passport was introduced by Amir Abdur Rahman Khan in 1880. It recently became a biometric passport.
The cost of a new 5-year Afghan passport is 5,000 afghanis. A 10-year passport requires 10,000 AFS.
Saida Ahmadi

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