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Paradise under the feet of mothers

By: Massouda Qarizada

Although all heavenly religions respect mother, but the holy religion of Islam pay further respect to them comparing other ones.
The rights that Islam specified for mothers is wider from the rights that believe in others even from father.
Because, in fact, mothers are nourishing the society that is composed of individuals including man and woman.
In connection with the position, the great prophet of Islam, Hazrat-i-Mohammad (PBUH) suggests that “paradise is under the feet of mothers.” This proves that sans the will of mother, we don’t access to paradise and its blessings. If some one wants to access to high grades of paradise, he/she should respect their mothers.
The pains that mothers suffer within pregnancy and childhood in maintaining of their requirements are very intolerable that only mother sustains them.
It is natural that the Almighty Allah grants much rewards for mothers for their sufferings.
One of the issues that muslim umma is compelled to pay heed is performance of the rights of mothers.
The muslims should know that Islam believes more in the rights of mother that so far, the human-being didn’t seen.
This high position of mothers come after believe in Allah and His obedience.
There are numerous verses in holy Quran that after believe in Allah and His willing, the parents will is hinted.
Almighty Allah orders: You should not worship sans He and do good to parents especially when they were in the state of oldness.
Mothers are one of greatest talent of Allah the Almighty. Her warm bosom is a secure place for forgetting of homesicknesses and fatigues.
Based on the same, the position of mothers should be celebrated further grandeur comparing what is common in human societies.
Mothers, this heavenly gift has no other alternative considering the right and position the holy religion of Islam believes regarding parents.
Mothers play role in making personality for their children.
Mother nourish children in their warm bosoms and gift them to the society.
They should be trained void of any discrimination including religious, lingual and regional discriminations and teach them the lesson of peace, stability and brother-hood so that to have a society void of any discrimination.
Unfortunately, more than four decades of war took all of fortunes from us that mother suffered more the pain of their dears.
The basic problem of mother is weak economy. We all should work and fight so that this ugly phenomenon be eliminated forever from our society.
One day, I heard from a man of knowledge. He said: I remember my mother. I hope to go for her pilgrimage. Alas, it is a dream, I wish to see her and congratulate her the mother day and kiss her hands. But she left me for good.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.