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Papua New Guinea evacuating landslide villages as hopes for survivors fade

Hopes are fading that an estimated 2,000 people buried by a landslide in Papua New Guinea’s Enga province will be found alive, a United Nations official has said. “It is not a rescue mission, it is a recovery mission,” UNICEF Papua New Guinea’s Niels Kraaier said. “It is very unlikely they will have survived.” The UN’s children’s agency later said about 40 percent of those affected were children under the age of 16 who had been “deeply traumatised” by what had happened, and that it was intensifying its relief efforts. Rescue efforts at the site of the landslide on Mount Mungalo have been led by loca residents, many of whom lost their entire families in the landslide, which wiped out an entire hillside community at about 3am on Friday (18:00 GMT on Thursday). A couple survived the calamity in “a miracle”. Only six bodies have been recovered, while Papua New Guinea’s National Disaster Centre estimates as many as 2,000 people have yet to be found. The landslide also wiped out vegetable gardens and roads, hampering rescue efforts and leaving villagers worried about finding enough to eat, as they search for their loved ones. “People are digging with their hands and fingers,” Enga provincial administrator Sandis Tsaka told the AFP news agency on Tuesday. “Entire families” were “buried under debris”, said Tsaka, adding that the hillside community of homes, businesses, churches and schools had been “completely wiped out”. Aljazeera

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.