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Palestine; the stabbed heart of the Islamic world!

Palestine has been burning in the fire of an imposed war for decades as it has been occupied by vampires and criminal Jews. In this war; the U.S. and other western countries play a prominent role and continuously support the invading and terrorist Jewish regime. The U.S. and other western countries are providing Israel with weapons, ammunition, destructive and long-range cruise missiles, advanced defense systems, and various kinds of tanks and planes and aircrafts. They have helped the country to turn into a usurping, occupying, aggressor and terrorist force in the region. But it is a pity that the Islamic countries particularly the Arab countries are indifferent and keep silent to all brutalities of the Israeli regime and its unforgivable crimes. It is clear that those countries that are under the influence of the western countries do not have the right to speak out. These countries have no other duties except to justify the crimes of the Jews and the brutal regime of Zionism. These days, Gaza and the Muslim nation of Palestine are being repeatedly bombed by the Israeli regime as children and women, young and old in Gaza and different areas of Palestine are brutally martyred and wounded by the cruel army of Israel, but the world and Islamic countries, particularly the Arab world have all kept silent and do not even react to this huge crime. There is no water, electricity, food and the communication system has been cut off in the Gaza Strip. The brutal Israeli regime commits crimes and massacres moment by moment. The crimes of the Israeli army are ongoing violently, and the Palestinian people, men and women, young and old, are dying. The Israeli regime and its army are insisting on bombing and burning the Palestinians’ homes. From under the rubble of destroyed houses and through the waves of fire and smoke of Israel’s crimes, painful and sad cries of Palestinian children and women are heard all around. There is nobody to help. But because of the fear of the U.S. and war-mongering and some arrogant countries, no country can raise its voice and no country shows its strong reaction to the brutalities of the Israeli regime. Besides that Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) has raised its voice and condemned the continued brutalities of the Israeli regime and announced clearly its support to the Palestinians, it has asked the world countries particularly the Islamic countries not to be indifferent to the crimes and continued brutalities of the Israeli regime. The Islamic Emirate has called on the world countries to address the voices of the Palestinians. It is time that the world particularly the Islamic countries should get together to stop the Israeli regime to stop its brutalities against the innocent civilians of Palestine. Mashal Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.