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Palestine stepping up forwards as more countries recognizing

Three more European Union member nations have recently announced that they would soon recognize Palestine as an independent state, arguing that a two-state solution would be essential for the restoration of lasting peace in the region. Norway, Ireland and Spain said late on last week that they are recognizing a Palestinian state. The historic move by the three EU countries drew condemnation from the Zionist regime and jubilation from the Palestinians. The regime immediately ordered back its ambassadors from Norway and Ireland and expected to do the same with its ambassador to Spain, soon after their recognition announcement. The decision made by the two three countries, after the Gaza war prolonged with long brutal bloodshed of tens of thousands of innocent people, mostly women and children. The three European countries’ move to recognize a Palestinian state will help generate momentum for the recognition of the Palestinian state by other EU countries and could help take further steps at the United Nations, deepening Israel’s isolation. Reports from various international media have confirmed that the official recognition by the three nations of an independent Palestinian state will take effect on May 28. This was not a hasty plan and an empty feeling made by the three nations toward the Palestine recognition, but a move (as they stated) “will therefore regard Palestine as an independent state with all the rights and obligations that entails” roughly after the Zionist regime led assaults on the northern and southern edges of the Gaza Strip in May that caused a new exodus of hundreds of thousands of people and sharply restricted the flow of aid that raised the risk of famine among the displaced Gazans. The good news for the Islamic world, particularly, for the warravaged Palestinians is that several European Union countries have indicated that they plan to make the same plan, a move that would help the Zionist regime go further isolated and most importantly, the real face and identity of the Jews further recognized by the European nations and other world countries. However, the Gaza war and the constant expansion of illegal settlements are still making the situation in Palestine more complicated than it has been in decades. Killing innocents, including children and women, if it was a pride for the world dictators, then Hitler would gain it during his power and massive murders. The political gain of the Palestinians, after joining three more European Union countries to nations recognizing the independent state, is another achievement of the Muslims with the Zionist regime neighborhood and those who have lost nearly more than 50 percent of their lands to the occupying regime, is unprecedented and would ultimately push the regime deep in isolation. The regime would also face a harsh incredibility and loss of support from their lords of both Western and European powers.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.