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Palestine most devastated nation in non-military war of 20th century

Starting on the evening of October 7, 2023, an armed conflict began between the Zionist state and Palestinian groups, led by Hamas, with an invasion into southern occupied land from the Gaza Strip. Despite being one of the strongest attacks experienced by the Zionist state to date, the Zionist state military, under the pretext of defense, organized its inhumane attacks and retaliated with airstrikes and ground bombardments. The result of these inhumane attacks by the Zionist state has led to more than 19,000 martyrs and over 45,000 wounded, including women, children, and the elderly. The civilian casualties in the Gaza war have surpassed the casualties related to all other global conflicts in the twentieth century. Despite the United States’ claims of human rights and friendliness, it continues to support the crimes of the Zionist regime. Studies conducted by the Zionist regime newspaper indicate that more than half of the casualties in Gaza during the war between Hamas and the Zionist regime were Palestinian civilians, and this figure is unprecedented in the history of the Zionist regime atrocities. According to The Guardian, a study published by the Zionist regime newspaper reveals that Palestinian civilians constitute 61% of Gaza casualties during Jewish state airstrikes. According to the published information, the civilian casualty rate in this war has exceeded the casualty rates of all global conflicts that occurred during the twentieth century. The indiscriminate bombing campaign by the Zionist regime, failing to distinguish between military and civilian targets in Gaza, has led to extensive slaughter of civilians in this war. The relevant statistics regarding the massacre of civilians in the current conflict in this region in recent years are unprecedented. An analysis by “Yagil Levy,” a Professor of Political Sociology and Public Policy at the Open University of the Zionist regime, has been published. According to his statements, during the three previous wars the Zionist regime waged in Gaza between 2012 and 2022, the proportion of civilian casualties compared to the total number of fatalities resulting from the regime’s airstrikes was approximately 40%. This figure was cited as 33% during the early stages of the current year’s bombardment of Gaza, known as the “Shield and Sword” operation. The head of the World Health Organization, while confirming the reported number of martyrs by the Ministry of Public Health in the Gaza Strip, announced that the Zionist regime had targeted 449 health and medical centers in Gaza and the southwestern border. “The healthcare system in the Gaza Strip is collapsing, and out of 36 hospitals, only 14 are relatively operational. Many cities and capitals around the world witnessed extensive protests condemning Israel’s incursions into the Gaza Strip. In the midst of this, the emergency sale of weapons to Israel by the United States, which had been blocked due to disagreements in Congress, has ultimately been confirmed. The disagreement between Republicans and Democrats over border security with Mexico had hindered the approval of the military aid budget to Israel and Ukraine,” expressed Tadros Adhanom in a press conference. The Washington Post, emphasizing the pivotal role of American weapons in the Gaza war, revealed that Israel had dropped 22,000 American bombs on the people of this region in the first 45 days of the invasion of the Gaza Strip. The newspaper further added that American weapons played a central and essential role in the Gaza war, and Congress has been informed of the quantity of American weapons at Israel’s disposal. A former Zionist regime war minister admitted that Jewish settlers and refugees have no intention of returning to their homes in the occupied northern territories due to fear of Palestinian fighters. “Undoubtedly, war (with Hezbollah in Lebanon) in the north (occupied territories) is inevitable,” told Avigdor Lieberman in an interview with the Zionist regime’s radio. “There must be a reconsideration in the international system to establish a non-coercive and non-discriminatory order, and the Gaza crisis has clearly revealed the East-West divide and exposed the global double standard,” the Qatari Foreign Minister said. The Foreign Minister of Oman expressed profound regret over the U.S. action in vetoing the ceasefire resolution in Gaza, stating that the U.S. sacrificed Gaza civilians for Israel’s interests, and the world will look with shame for a long time. The Zionist regime media confirmed that many Jews who fled from the occupied areas are currently buying homes in European countries. Simultaneously, with the Gaza war entering its third month, Jewish settlers are seeking a secure refuge to escape. Jews have shown a positive response to buying land in European countries, and after the start of the war in October, more than 370,000 Jews left the occupied territories. Another report indicates that due to the increase in Islamphobia in various European countries influenced by the Gaza war, students at an elementary school dedicated to Muslims in England were “threatened with death” by supporters of the Israeli regime. After more than three months of the Gaza war, the Zionist regime media, acknowledging the difficulty and complexity of this war, emphasized that the declared objectives of this war have not yet been achieved and require more time. The former Consul General of the Israeli regime in New York, in a note, described Netanyahu’s assessment of Hamas’s capabilities as one of his countless incorrect evaluations during his tenure as prime minister. This crime has confronted hundreds of human rights organizations and democratic governments, and they not only observed but also provided comprehensive support. The United States, although chasing the aftermath of this storm, continues to seek to impose a division between Jews and Palestinians after this crime. How the world will justify this crime to future generations is a question that has engaged the thoughtful minds of Western researchers. Firooz Ahmad Ebrahimi

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