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Palestine in the course of history

Part: IIIV

In 1922, the National Assembly (League of Nations) handed over the administration of Palestine to Britain for a short time and instructed it to include Jewish groups in the Palestinian government system. Even though they were not the original inhabitants of Palestine, they were refugees who came from abroad. The original inhabitants of Palestine were the Palestinians and Arabs who lived here before the arrival of the Israelites in Palestine or the Arabs who settled here after the expulsion of the Jews. They became Christians and then Muslims and the same land was named Palestine after them. In the meeting of the National Assembly, the only point which was hinted was the protection of the religious and civil rights of the original Palestinians, but their political rights were not discussed. As the Jewish groups used to usurp the Palestinians’ lands by any means and various pretexts, in 1935, the Ulamas and religious figures led by Haji Hussain Amin issued a decree in the Al-Aqsa Mosque that even an inch of Palestinian land would never be sold to the Jews anymore and nobody would be allowed to mediate and provide ground for selling the land to the Jews. The decrees said that if someone was found guilty, he would be committed to be a close ally to infidels. In the meantime, Ashraf Ali Tahanwi, issued a fatwa that made selling the Palestinian land to Jews unlawful. During the time of the British representation, the Jews began to settle in Palestine rapidly; therefore, on one side, the Jews started to use their resources to get and purchase the land of Palestine; on the one hand, they imposed taxes on the Arabs and the taxes and this way they took their land and handed them over to the Jews. Then, in the Second World War, groups of Jews entered Palestine and the British provided them with all the facilities, and in this way until 1947, the number of Jews reached to 450,000 in Palestine. In 1947, Britain presented the issue of Palestine to the United Nations Assembly, and the head of the assembly decided to divide Palestine between Arabs and Jews. According to this decision, 55 percent of the land was given to the Jews and 45 percent of the land to the Palestinians. The decision was very cruel because at that time the Arab population was 67 percent and the Jewish population was only 33 percent. Lands began to be removed. On May 14, 1948, the Jews announced the creation of their national country “Israel”, which was first recognized by the United States, Russia and Great Britain. They attacked and sent their troops to Palestine, but they could not do any damage to the military force of Israel. Rather, in November 1948, when the United Nations Assembly declared a ceasefire, at that time, Israel attacked Palestine as 78 percent of the land was captured, Jordan was only able to save East Jerusalem, where the Al-Aqsa Mosque is located, from the control of the Jewish. In 1967, as a result of the Arab-Israeli war, in addition to the remaining parts of Jerusalem, Israel captured the Sinai desert of Egypt and the Golan Mountains of Syria. It came down. Lecturer Saifullah Saee

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