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Pakistan’s undeniable support to Taliban

With Taliban’s increasing violence and takeover of some districts, Afghan officials and common people blaming Pakistan for logistic and financial support to the militant groups, hosting their leaders and treatment of their wounded fighters.
In a fresh bid, the government of Afghanistan has alleged that Pakistan has ramped up support for the Taliban militant group. On Thursday, Amrullah Saleh, the Vice President of Afghanistan, alleged that the Pakistan Air Force was providing close air support to the Taliban.
The first Vice President tweeted on Thursday night: “Breaking: Pakistan air force has issued official warning to the Afghan Army and Air Force that any move to dislodge the Taliban from Spin Boldak area will be faced and repelled by the Pakistan Air Force. Pak air force is now providing close air support to Taliban in certain areas.”
He added that Pakistan had warned Afghanistan aircraft to stay away from Spin Boldak or risk getting shot down. VP Saleh said that if anyone doubts his tweet on Pak Air Force & Pak Army warning to the Afghan side not to retake Spin Boldak, he would be ready to share evidence.
Some regional countries and Afghanistan’s neighboring states, mainly Pakistan, have been monitoring the crisis and its continuation in Afghanistan for more than four decades and have no other plans, except undermining the progress made in the country.
The continuation of crisis and destruction of Afghanistan as well as lack of an authoritative government in the country are deep in Pakistan’s strategic plan. Taliban are practicing what the Pakistani army and intelligence service telling them. Currently, the Taliban are involved in killing and destruction in the name of jihad and sparing no efforts to implement Pakistani orders in the country.
Meanwhile Taliban leaders freely walk and talk in the neighboring country, even they openly collect money from people during Friday prayers. Recently, social media videos showed that Taliban were taking their death bodies to Pakistan and holding funeral there. Some earlier reports also showed the neighboring country were even providing medical services to Taliban leaders and fighters.
To tackle insurgency in Afghanistan and to suppress terrorists, including that of Al-Qaeda and ISIS, it is very important that the US and its allies focus on their funding resources and safe havens in Pakistan. Continued military operations against insurgents would not produce the desired result, unless Pakistan takes firm steps in war on terror and close Taliban and other terrorists’ centers in its territory.
The UN, US and NATO member states should do more to persuade Pakistan to give up support of terror groups. Otherwise, another 9/11 incident would happen, which would definitely have its roots in Pakistan, as it had and proved with killing of Bin Laden in Islamabad.
Meanwhile, legitimizing the Taliban as well as strengthening terrorist groups under other names can both accelerate the destructive process and prolong for years. If the Taliban, as a reactionary group, succeed in forming a dictatorial regime in Afghanistan, the crisis will certainly continue, and the region would face another economic and migration crisis.
With Pakistan’s continued and underminable support to Taliban, other terrorist groups, likely from China and Central Asia may emerge that might be much more violent than the Taliban – which would strongly hamper the development process and the regional connectivity.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.