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Pakistan’s proxy war destroyed Afghanistan, Pakhtunkhwa: Pashteen

KABUL: Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) leader Manzoor Pashteen at a gathering in South Waziristan on Tuesday called for peace and an end to the “proxy war” in Afghanistan.

“Let the Afghans decide their future by themselves through talking and voting,” Pashteen said.

“PTM’s strong stance against the war in Afghanistan is because not only has it destroyed Afghanistan but also Pakhtunkhwa and indeed has kept the region in poverty and stagnation,” Pashteen said.

The people of Waziristan are against the war and insurgency, he said, adding that in “the case of Afghanistan, the land of Waziristan has always been used and encouraging the people to jihad.”

“Negative interventions have ruined us all and Pakistan’s interventions have led us to destruction,” Pashteen said.

Meanwhile, in a tweet on Tuesday, Pashteen reacted to killing of a comedian in Kandahar, saying war continues in new from on Pashtoon Afghan soil.

“This is the dead body of an Afghan comedian Fazal Mohammad who was killed by Taliban. Since the results of Doha negotiations have become a fight, the world is silent on the cruelty of Taliban. There is no mention of Taliban’s hideouts in the nominated negotiations. The war continues in a new form on Pashtoon Afghan soil,” he tweeted.

This comes as many Pakistan citizens found death while fighting Afghan forces in different provinces and Afghan officials blaming Pakistani military establishment for supporting Taliban and sending thousands of terrorists into Afghanistan.

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