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Pakistan’s efforts to link Kashmir with Afghanistan peace process

By: Daud Nejrabi

When the negotiations between the US and Taliban held for nine months, the regional countries especially Pakistan hurriedly expanded its influence and played important role in negotiation tables and Taliban tours to regional countries. According to experts, Pakistan’s repeated interference caused the negotiation between US and Taliban to be ended with deadlock finally.
In fact, the issue of Afghanistan peace gets warmth in a time that the internal tensions between Pakistan and India over Kashmir escalated. So, majority of analysts and political players adding that Pakistan is making effort to play constructive role in this process, as the country seeing India as the biggest rival.
If we pause somehow on depth of issue, in the course of 1948 to 1949 years, the then Britain when had influence over India, funned civil wars and quarrels ruled in the region. The people of that country lost their patience and finally this issue caused Indian sub-continent to be disintegrated. It was important and basic desire of Britain that finally met.
Indian sub-continent disintegrated and the Kashmir issue suspended. With mediation of Great Britain, Pakistan has been recognized as an independent country at the UN in 1948-1949.
As of that time to date, wars and tensions between the two countries over Kashmir issue continuing. The issue is recognized as vital and basic for both nations. The two countries are trying in a manner to increase their rule on Kashmir.
Pakistan not only known in the region but today, the international community also comprehends well the harsh behave of Pakistan and understands this country has been changed as a cancer tumor in the region.
The US and Taliban negotiations ended with deadlock, Taliban increased their suicide attacks and devastating complex on civil people. The civil casualties in capital and provinces have been increased in daily basis.
Additionally, during the rule of former Pakistan prime minister, Nawaz Sharif the issue of Afghanistan and Kashmir has been mixed i.e if the international community wants durable peace be ensured in Afghanistan, they should take serious attention in Kashmir issue.
In a fresh event, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has proclaimed the terrorist groupings and suicide attackers are training in Pulwama region close to Indian region. This fact and complaints indicate that Taliban was under pressure of Pakistan during Doha meeting and is too now.
These pressures of Pakistan show that so far, Taliban has direct link with I.S.I of Pakistan and are being equipped and organized by it. It has been experienced several times that Pakistan politicians satisfying international community with false words as if we are directly ruling on Taliban terrorist groupings, while it is not correct.
The fact is this that the minds of the commanders of Taliban are being injecting by I.S.I. As of three decades to date, this is continuing. The ISI trains and manages the commanders of Taliban and with the instructions of these commanders, Taliban resort to destructive activities in different parts of Afghanistan.
ISI of Pakistan searches its main itinerary and actives 21 terrorist groupings inside and outside of Pakistan and majority of them are under its pressure and now. Pakistan is never honest in its words and behaves and doesn’t want permanent peace be maintained in our country.
This agenda was unveiled in 1980 in the name of “depth of strategy” and “deep state”.
These studies of strategies of Pakistan standardize the issues that resulted into annihilation of Afghanistan. For reaching this heinous goal, they train, equip and dispatch terrorist groupings into Afghanistan continuously.
Since 1990, Pakistan trains Taliban and wants to introduce Afghanistan as its representative. Now, Pakistan wants to link the Kashmir issue with peace process in Afghanistan.
During meeting with president Trump, Imran Khan wanted to share the issue of Kashmir with him. This is in a time that prime minister Modi of India refuted the discussion on Kashmir issue with Khan.
Now, Taliban comprehend Pakistan politics and Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid regarded the Kashmir issue as separate one and added that issue of peace of Afghanistan has no link with the issue of Kashmir.
With the exerting of pressure by the US and international community on Pakistan, the latter making effort to join its partners. As an obstinate with India, rival China committed to invest in Pakistan worth over $ 50 billion. So, China has no hurry to invest such sum in Pakistan. The people, politicians and government of Afghanistan should comprehend that no country contribute Afghanistan for the sake of Almighty Allah but seeks their own interests and they should build their ruined country by their own.

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