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Pakistan’s attack of Afghanistan to have dire consequences

Pakistan airstrikes in Afghanistan’s Paktika and Khost provinces have targeted innocent civilians’ homes, martyring women and children. The attack has been considered as Pakistan’s clear aggression. The neighboring country wants to blame Afghanistan for its internal problems and failure to control security incidents. Of course, there is no doubt that Pakistan’s army and most of the central and important institutions have been under the complete control of the Westerners since they received funding and justification from them. This is why they do not care about the people under their authority, nor about their neighbors. It looks as it is the U.S. and British military base. For the past 76 years of its establishment, Pakistan’s no civil government has completed its legal term. A good example is the deal and acts of Pakistani military generals during the Crusade invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. When Pakistan’s establishment showed availability to provide all possible cooperation to the Jewish and Crusader armies and served them sincerely for 20 years. This policy of the Pakistan establishment aroused strong sensitivities among the Muslim people of Pakistan as they started to openly oppose the policy, and even armed resistance began in some parts of the country. The oppositions expanded and resulted in the bombing of the Red Mosque and many other madrassas, the imprisonment of thousands of scholars and other Islamists and handed over handcuffed to infidels. In the meantime, the Pakistani establishment launched attacks along the Durand Line as dozens of thousands of people have been displaced. This was the bravery of the Pakistani generals, they showed against their Muslim people, but it is clear that all this was done in exchange for a few dollars they received from the Crusader world. Therefore, efforts are underway that the Pakistan establishment and its military generals are working to get another project from the West so that they get some dollars. It seems that they got the project as they started attacking the Afghans and showed their Western masters that they could create problems for the Islamic Emirate. The Pakistan establishment and military generals should know that with this kind of behavior, they will definitely end up in the same situation and face with dire consequences. Besides, their internal problems will increase and their homes will be destroyed due to the harassment of the Muslim nations. They should never forget the history of Afghans, they should consider the consequences of their affairs, and they should stop making baseless claims and propaganda and should not create tension between Muslims. Sediq Logarwal

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.