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Pakistani Taliban announces 20-day ceasefire in South Waziristan

Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) announced a 20-day ceasefire in South Waziristan on Friday after reaching an agreement with the Pakistan Army to halt all hostilities between the two, a media report said.

“Our leaders have asked all fighters to observe a ceasefire from today to October 20,” Pakistan Today reported TTP as saying in a statement on Friday.

Further, the TTP stated that it is engaged in “secret talks”.

Earlier on Friday, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan had said that the government is in talks with some groups of the banned TTP with the aim of having the group lay down their weapons and making them agree to adhere to the country’s Constitution.

“There are different groups which form the TTP and some of them want to talk to our government for peace. So, we are in talks with them. It’s a reconciliation process,” Khan said during an interview with the TRT World on Friday.

Further, Khan clarified that he is expecting a deal to come out of the talks but again nothing is certain. He sees dialogue as the only solution and is willing to ‘forgive’ the TTP if an agreement is reached.

Experts have cautioned Pakistan to tread carefully in the wake of recent developments in Afghanistan post-Taliban takeover and asked Islamabad to avoid oversimplifying the Afghan issue.

The frequent attacks by the Pakistani Taliban (TTP) raised concerns about the security and safety of Chinese projects in the country. Analysts have warned that TTP may continue its attacks in Pakistan and cause damage to China’s projects and personnel in the country, Global Times reported.

The TTP had expressed its happiness over the victory of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Recently, TTP leader Mufti Wali Noor Mehsud, in an exclusive interview with Japanese media outlet Mainichi Shimbun, welcomed the Taliban’s return to power in Afghanistan and said that “we are hopeful for a strong relationship between the two of us”.

Experts believe that the recent developments in Afghanistan have encouraged the TTP members and they want to realise Pashtuns’ rule in Pakistan.

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