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Pakistani security officials continue mistreating Afghan refugees

“Against all migration norms and neighborhood relations, Pakistani officials are still torturing and badly treating Afghan refugees, besides forcing them to leave their country.“The worst treatment in its kind, is unprecedented in the neighboring country’s migration history, after the Pakistan security officials resorted to the torture, mistreatment and expelling of thousands of Afghan refugees, even with migration documents in that country.“The action drew wide criticism and condemnation from human rights activists and refugee organizations. But, ignoring all these blames, Afghan refugees are still being brutally treated by the host country’s police officials.“In many cases, corrupt Pakistani police, while searching Afghan refugee’s houses ask for documents and when they present their legal migration documents, they ask them for a certain amount of Pakistani rupee for the documents return. “Recently, the Islamic Emirate’s Prime Minister, Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund and the Acting Defense Minister Mullah Mohammad Yaqoob reacted to the forced expulsion of Afghan refugees by Pakistani officials and said that the action was against international laws. “The IEA’s Prime Minister blamed the undignified manner of the Afghans and their harassment and called on the Pak government to give sufficient time for their return.“If they were planned to expel undocumented Afghan migrants only, then why are they humiliating the refugees, stealing their property, and destroying their houses, this is the Islamic Emirate Prime Minister’s dissatisfaction about the recent migration crisis, our compatriots are now facing.“The Pakistani authorities should think of the future as we are the closest neighbors with the same religion and joint Islamic culture and traditions as well as the same grief and happiness.“If the Pakistani side continues mistreating Afghan migrants, it will see negative consequences.“Under the International migration law, all nations have the right to do what they can to help refugees and asylum seekers live and work peacefully or return to their countries, voluntarily, particularly, for the Afghan refugees while cold winter is due to arrive.“So, the Pakistani government should not be cruel to the Afghan refugees and give them enough time to get preparation for their return to the country or at least not steal their personal property and assets, while deporting them. “Also, the international community, UN and other human and refugee organizations should press Pakistan to end the current situation towards the refugees. “The people of Afghanistan are ready to not withhold providing any necessary materials, houses with low rent or any other items for their fellow citizens returning from Pakistan or any other neighboring countries.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.