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Pakistani PM must avoid irresponsible remarks

Continuing his shameful acts, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan once again spoke about Afghanistan and clearly interfered on Afghan affairs. Addressing a media gathering, he suggested an interim government in Afghanistan as a possible solution to the ongoing peace process, while blaming the Afghan government for the stalemate in talks.
“The Afghan government was a hurdle in peace process that was insisting that Taliban should talk to it,” said Khan.He also confirmed that he had cancelled a scheduled meeting with Taliban leadership due to objections raised by the Afghan government. 
Khan said that the Afghan peace process can only be successful if there is a neutral interim government, which can hold free and transparent elections to be participated by all the stakeholders.”How much time it will take to set up an interim government and hold free elections, I cannot say,” he added, as quoted by the Express Tribune. 
But the neighbor country’s prime minister has forgotten that his-led country and the military establishment have been the main hurdle before the peace process in Afghanistan. Pakistan has time and again supported terrorist groups and militants to carry out destructive activities inside Afghanistan and even have provided them safe havens in their major cities.
Despite of repeated calls by Afghan government, politicians and even people, Pakistan continued open and secret support to Taliban and didn’t take any bold step towards establishing sustainable peace in Afghanistan. The neighboring country even misused Afghan refugees to put pressures on Afghan government.
Recent remarks of Pakistan’s Prime Minister are in contrary to international diplomatic principles and is indeed a clear interference and violation of Afghanistan’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity. Such remarks would not only create reaction inside Afghanistan but would also affect the bilateral relations between the two countries.
Contrary to that Afghanistan wants a stable and developed Pakistan, the neighboring country has continued to devastate Afghanistan so that to achieve its vicious goals.Even though the Pakistani government is facing intensified pressure from the international community to scale back its links with the Taliban, Pakistan continued to host Taliban leaders and their families and even facilitates treatments of those Taliban wounding in clash with Afghan forces.
Since Pakistan remains committed to Taliban support and mired in a fiscal crisis and faces growing international criticism, Khan is needed to weigh his Taliban policy against Pakistan’s economic well-being and international image. Pakistan Prime Minister should avoid irresponsible remarks against the Afghan people and the government and rather help improve the shaky relations between the two countries.
Meanwhile Khan is also needed to pay attention towards its fragile economy and address the discrimination against Pashtuns and other ethnic groups residing in Pakistan. Interfering into other’s affairs would certainly lead to disability inside Pakistan and would further deteriorate the bilateral relations. Afghans not only willing peace and stability for their country, but for Pakistan and the whole region as well. Therefore, Pakistan is too required to give up interferences and truly support the peace process and stabilization of Afghanistan.

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