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Pakistani officials still speak on behalf of Taliban

Pakistani authorities have always claimed that Islamabad policy on Afghanistan has changed. Pakistani civil and military authorities have always said that Islamabad is in favor of a peaceful solution of Afghanistan conflict, end of war and establishment of a reliable peace and stability in this country. But considering their practical steps and their recent statement, they will only support restoration of peace and reliable stability in Afghanistan in case if it would be in the interest of their country and the Taliban and pave the way for return of this group to power.
Indeed, Pakistanis are awaiting the Afghan people and government to submit unconditionally to Taliban, obey their requests and demands and hand over power to them without any resistance.
In an exclusive interview with Tolo News TV channel, Pakistani Minister of Foreign Affairs Shah Mahmood Quraishi called the leadership of the Afghan government as an obstacle to before lasting peace in the war-torn country. While according to him, Taliban are ready to make peace with the Afghan government and are no longer behind the increasing violence.
Whenever Quraishi was asked that whether continuation of war and intensified violence by Taliban was indicator of their pacifism or not? He answered that other groups and circles are behind intensified violence and war in Afghanistan not the Taliban. Quraishi mentioned ISIS as one of the groups behind recent violence in the country.
In this interview, Quraishi exonerated Taliban in killings and continued violence in Afghanistan and added they are completely in favor of restoration of peace and stability in Afghanistan. Pakistani official tried to cover all crimes committed by Taliban against the Afghan people and interpreted militarism and militancy of this group as their pacifism.
Soon after the interview aired, most of the Pakistani officials, including their key lawmakers such as Mohsen Dawar, Afrasiab Khattak and others blamed Quraishi for speaking on behalf Taliban and ignoring their terrorist activities.
Indeed, the Pakistani minister was talking on behalf of Taliban in such a way that as if he was Taliban official spokesman, not minister of foreign affairs of the neighboring country. He completely and frankly refused Pakistan’s political, military, financial and diplomatic support of Taliban. He even rejected presence and activities of Taliban leaders and their military- political councils in Pakistani territory.
Recent utterances of Shah Mahmood Quraishi on issues related to Afghanistan war and peace is indicating that no changes has taken place in Pakistan policy and strategy on Afghanistan. Quraishi’s word in his interview was indicator of Pakistan insincerity in Afghanistan peace process.
Pakistan is still endearing to bring Taliban to power whether through war or negotiations and then dominate and control politics and power in Afghanistan. Indeed Pakistan wants to have another Hezbollah to itself so through it dominate Afghanistan and the region’s situation.
Behavior, words and action of Pakistani rulers indicate continuation of their support for Taliban. Pakistan’s continued double standard policy on Afghanistan shows clearly to Afghan people and government that should never trust the neighboring country in vital peace process.

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