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Pakistani forces mistreatment of Afghan refugees against neighborhood principles

This is not the first time that Afghan refugees are facing atrocity and brutality from Pakistani security forces; they have experienced a sharp increase in hostility by Pakistani police, after Tahrik-e-Taliban of Pakistan (TTP) attacked an army police school in Peshawar in 2014.
Some 145 people, mostly the school children have been killed in the deadly incident. However, the Pakistani security forces responded to the attack with strong repressive measures against the Islamic movement even by introducing military courts to prosecute those behind the fierce incident.
The measures were not only against the domestic suspects, but also included registration and then repatriation of Afghans living in Pakistan.
Despite the promise of the neighboring country’s authorities for no official reprisals against the Afghans living in Pakistan, the hosting country’s security forces punitive retribution including raids on Afghan refugees’ settlements and resorted to the harassment, detention and physical violence against the destitute Afghan refugees.
Following the Pakistani forces crackdown on suspects, fearful Afghans have been made to restrict their movements that led to economic hardship and curtailing access to work and education. The oppressive situation, finally caused thousands of Afghans return home.
According to the Human Rights Watch which has recently, interviewed Afghan men and women in Pakistan, described ‘how the increasingly hostile climate for Afghans in Pakistan had left them feeling trapped’ as they due to fear of returning to Afghanistan, they have to tolerate police of raiding their homes and workplace even arrest and detention.
Once again, the Pakistani security forces resorted to the mass arrest and detention of innocent Afghans, under the pretext of having no legal migration permit.
Videos have gone viral on social media, suggesting tens of Afghan refugees massively handcuffed and tightened one with another by Pakistani police sending them to jails.
Pakistani security forces claim that they have combated terrorism through their detention measures, but the neighboring country’s authorities should realize that it is not possible to develop the plan by arresting innocent refugees, most of them documented.
Allowing police reprisals of the innocent Afghan refugees is neither lawful nor effective in combatting anti-government militancy.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) wants to the neighboring Pakistan not to resort to the arrest and detention of the Afghans as the move which is completely against neighborhood principles, will widen gaps between the two countries.
Islamabad should remain respectful to the rights of refugees and as a good and close neighbor, should cooperate with the Islamic Emirate in providing a good ground for the voluntarily return of thousands of Afghanistan to their country.

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Rasheed Khandahari November 14, 2022 at 8:28 am

Sad situation. Our prayers with theese brothers.

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