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Pakistani FM welcomes Trump’s decision on withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan

Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Saturday welcomed US President Donald Trump’s decision regarding the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and reiterated Pakistan’s desire for peace in the region.
Talking in a news conference in Pakistan, the foreign minister said the decision [of US troops withdrawal] would help further the ongoing peace talks being held in UAE between the Afghan Taliban and the US.
Calling withdrawal of US forces ineffective on Afghanistan’s current situation, the Afghan foreign ministry officials said we were waiting for Pakistan’s practical steps on peace process and hope it acts based on its commitments in this regard.
At the same time, lower house of the parliament says that US should not leave Afghanistan unless it gives a strong guarantee to Afghans on ensuring peace.
“Unfortunately, the U.S. has not completely equipped the Afghan security forces so they can fight insurgents with enough capabilities,” a lawmaker Hashimi said.
We ask the US to equip the Afghan security forces and assure the Afghan nation on ensuring security, and then it can decide about withdrawal of its forces from the country, according to him.
He added that Pakistan should also commit to the world countries particularly the US that it would honestly cooperate with Afghanistan in peace talks.
A number of experts believe that Afghanistan is currently facing with many challenges and this situation can be followed with much harm for presence of the US in Afghanistan.
The U.S. is very hurried to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan and this would be a big mistake, because, it is involved in peace negotiations from one side and want to lower the number of its forces from the other, an issue will prove the US as a weak world power and this will also harm the government’s position, a political expert Jamal Farahmand said.
As Pakistan doesn’t have any specific stance on Afghan peace process, it welcomes the US decision on withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan, but they should know that in current situation, it will not only harm the peace process, but will also negatively affect Afghanistan’s neighboring countries, he further said.
A veteran, Col. Mohammad Jabarkhil said, “There is no doubt that the Afghan security forces have visible abilities against the enemy threats, but they need to be further equipped, an issue that should be seriously focused by the international community.”
Pointing at presence of terrorist groups in Afghanistan, he stressed that Daesh and other insurgent groups are foreign phenomena. He added this is not only the responsibility of the Afghan security forces, but also all countries should cooperate with the Afghan government in the respect. However, over one and half a decade had been passed since the presence of international forces in Afghanistan, still a number of the country’s provinces are facing security threats. Thus, it is hoped the security threats to be reduced when the NATO and US forces training plan come into effect. Suraya Raiszada

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