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Pakistani delegations assured Afghanistan of Taliban’s Turkey summit participation

By: Monitoring Desk

KABUL: The Pakistani delegation led by special envoy Mohammad Sadiq during their two-day visit to Kabul has assured the Afghan government of the meaningful participation of the Taliban at the Istanbul summit, according to an Afghan official who met with the delegation.
Mohammad Sadiq, Pakistan’s envoy for Afghanistan reconciliation led a delegation for a two-day visit to Kabul, the delegation assured the Afghan government of the Taliban participation in the Turkey summit.
Omar Daudzai, Afghanistan’s special envoy for Pakistan told media that Taliban will agree in violence and ceasefire.
The arrived delegation met also had met with National Security Adviser, Hamdullah Mohib.
Pakistan is expected to work with all its resources in hand to agree on a ceasefire and participate in the upcoming UN-led Turkey conference.
Pakistani delegation on its visit did not comment on Taliban team’s visit to Islamabad, Tolonews reported.
According to reports Sadiq and his accompanying officials claimed the Taliban on their visit to Pakistan did not visit Pakistani officials, they have met with their leadership.
Pakistani foreign minister in an interview with Turkish Anadolu News expressed his fear for a civil war in Afghanistan, he said if Afghans don’t reach a political settlement, a civil war would be the last thing anyone wants. “The stakes are very high. If there’s progress, there can be peace, there can be stability, and the region collectively will benefit from the outcome of a peace process,” Anadolu quoted Qureshi.
“The stakes are high, simply for the reason that God forbid, if there is no agreement, if there is no political settlement, the fear of going back into the 90s, the fear of Afghanistan going into a civil war is looming over our heads. And that is the last thing anyone of us wants. And that is the last thing Pakistan wants because Pakistan has paid a huge price because of the unstable environment in Afghanistan”, he said.
Pakistan’s influence on Taliban is a clear message, why the country has not yet been removed from FATF’s grey list.
Meanwhile, National Security Adviser Hamdullah Mohib on international troops’ pull out from Afghanistan said that the process had begun sooner than expected.
He added that looming withdrawal puts Afghanistan at risk, and it has forced the government to hasten self-reliability and sufficiency at a much faster pace than expected.According to Mohib, the Taliban could find this an opportunity and attack Afghanistan and could overrun provinces like in the past, therefore this would make challenges for Afghan defense forces to the regions back. During his interview with VICE media, Mohib stressed defense abilities, he added, “the capabilities we have built over the last 20 years have equipped us to be able to do the job relatively well. We have always emphasized that it’s not the number of Us troops, it’s the capabilities that they provide us to do what we need to do but nonetheless we’re preparing for that zero troops option”. “There were conditionality attached to the US Taliban agreement. The Taliban have not met that; one of them was a reduction in violence and we have not yet seen the Taliban to really comply with that and we are seeing an increased number of attacks. “It seems like they still think they can take power by force in Afghanistan”, he said. Taliban should consider the peace process seriously, Afghanistan and its people want an end to this bloodshed and war, according to Mohib.

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