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Pakistani Army Chief’s irresponsible remarks about Afghanistan provocative

Pakistan’s Army Chief’s statement saying that one Pakistani life is more important than the entirety of Afghanistan, is irresponsible and deeply concerning that would undermine relations between the two neighboring countries. In a gathering with students, Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff General Asim Munir’s statement declared, “The life of one Pakistani is more important than the whole of Afghanistan.” Actually, Pakistan has repeatedly failed to take the security of its people, control its border and suppress its key insurgent opposition, TTP inside its territory and instead, points the finger at Afghanistan and inaccurately blames it for providing hideouts and safe haven for the militants. This irresponsible assertion sparked widespread criticism from the country’s political figures after it went viral on social media. Undeniably, any country has to defend its territorial integrity and national sovereignty and prefers the security of its nationals to others and Afghanistan also wants its citizens to remain in peace but this should be noted that such assertions can be the reason of concern for the two countries relations. Pakistan should once again turn a page from Afghanistan history and deeply study how the occupants and those planned invasion of Afghanistan, had been eliminated. Munir’s assertions about Afghanistan, are deceitful and dangerous. Pakistan has long accused Afghanistan of supporting insurgency in Baluchistan. This is a clear fact that no Afghan wants to harm Pakistan or any of the Pakistani people as they have long supported Afghan people during the last years of jihad and the former Red Army occupation. But the Pakistani politicians should be cautioned that Afghanistan would also believe that one Afghan’s life can equal all nonAfghan ones and the Islamic Emirate spare no effort to take their security and the security of their homeland. Such remarks from a high-ranking military official should seriously be avoided as it can damage relations between the brother nations.

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Ahmad Parviz January 30, 2024 at 8:02 am

I am an Afghan but I have not been to Afghanistan in 30 years. God forbid any soul from anywhere in the world start to mess with Afghanistan in anyway, shape or form. I will not hesitate for a second to raise Arms to defend my Afghan people. I may disagree with my Afghan brothers and sisters about the direction of the country at times but make no mistake at the end of the day. We Afghans are 100 percent brothers and United against the invaders!

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