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Pakistan yet to take honest steps for peace in Afghanistan

By: Lailuma Noori

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has reacted over recent remarks of US officials in connection with position US military bases in Pakistan.
In an interview with a US TV channel, Pakistan Prime Minister said US would not be allowed to create military bases to conduct counter terrorism operations in Afghanistan.
“There’s no way we’re going to allow any bases or any sort of action from Pakistani territory into Afghanistan. Absolutely, not,” Imran Khan said.
Meanwhile, Pakistan Foreign Affairs Minister Shah Mehmoud Quraishi has also rule out any new agreement with Washington in this regard, saying that Pakistan led by Imran Khan will never allow any US military basis in the country’s territory.
Taliban group has also reacted over creation US military bases in neighboring countries.
“We’re asking our neighboring countries not to allow any countries to take such a step in their soil. If taken such a step, it will be a big and historic mistake and that they won’t keep silent,” Taliban said in a statement.
Previously, US officials had said that they were making effort to monitor terrorist threats in Afghanistan from other locations in the region to help Afghans.
US President Joe Biden had previously stressed that they would not close eyes on terrorist threats, saying that US was to reorganize its capabilities in counter terrorism in the region to prevent from any possible terrorist threats.
US and Afghanistan future cooperation will be followed in framework of new chapter of relations between the two countries. US counter terrorism effort is considered to be followed under the respective strategy and agreement. US will never leave Afghanistan alone in fight against terror in the region.
We can say that despite troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, US will keep its presence in the region. The US continued presence in the region helps the government of Afghanistan to focus on fighting insurgency in the country with full confidence. Taliban should not perceive they can win militarily after the US and NATO troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.
In agreement between the Taliban and US signed on 29th Feb 2020, Taliban committed that they won’t let any terrorist groups as al Qaeda and Daesh attack on US and its allies. War in Afghanistan has further expanded recently as Pakistani militaries have been involved in instabilities and increasing terrorist groups.
Pakistan has not taken any honestly actions in counter terrorism so far. The country has been repeatedly asked not to interfere in internal affairs of Afghanistan.
For example, Afghanistan foreign affairs ministry has made use of all diplomatic channels to convince Pakistan to honestly cooperate in Afghanistan peace process, but the country has not convinced the Taliban group to resolve all disputes in talks with Afghanistan government.
Previously, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani had clearly stated that Afghanistan relations with Pakistan depended on the country’s cooperation in peace process and that the country should select between friendship and enmity with Afghanistan. Afghanistan hopes Pakistan comes with a new policy in relations with Afghanistan and shows its honesty in cooperation with Afghanistan in maintaining peace and stability in the country.



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