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Pakistan violating international laws if meets Taliban

As a number of regional countries have pledged to help in Afghanistan peace process, Afghanistan government is stressing on its position that the country’s peace process should be led and owned by Afghans.
It was determined that talks between US officials and representatives of the Taliban group was supposed to be held in Islamabad on Monday, February 18, but it has been postponed, Taliban said in a statement.
The statement said that the talks was postponed as most negotiators of the group could not attend the meeting because they are on the US and UN blacklist.
On the other hand, it was also determined that representatives of the Taliban group, invited by Pakistan government to the country, meet the country’s prime minister in Islamabad. Afghanistan government has reacted and considered the meeting a clear violation of Afghanistan national sovereignty and international laws; therefore, the government lodged an official complaint with the United Nations about the planned meeting Pakistan prime minister and senior members of the Taliban group.
Afghanistan government said that the Pakistani government did not consult with government over such a meeting and that Afghanistan has the right to contest such a move.  
The Afghan government argued that the Taliban officials invited to Pakistan are blacklisted by the UN and have a travel ban against them. Government said this was a clear violation of UN and international laws. 
Afghan political experts say the world countries should observe international relations as it is a clear violation of international laws and principles if a country invites armed opponent of another country without consultation and permission of that country.
Pakistan, the first country that recognized Islamic Emirate of the Taliban in 1996, is still accused of supporting the Taliban group. Weeks ago, the government of Pakistan released Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar from the country’s prison and now he has been appointed as new chairperson of Taliban’s political office in Qatar.
US special peace envoy for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad has said that US wants direct talks between Afghanistan government and the Taliban group to end the 17-year old war in the country, hoping that they would reach a peace agreement with the Taliban group prior to presidential elections in Afghanistan. Taliban has met US delegation led by Khalilzad four times so far.
According to Afghan political experts, lasting peace and stability can be maintained in Afghanistan if direct talks is held between Afghanistan government and representatives of the Taliban group as no country or organization can represent Afghanistan in current peace talks; therefore, it is necessary that peace talks should be led and owned by Afghans.
It is determined that the fifth round of peace talks between US negotiators and members of the Taliban group is held in Doha of Qatar on 25 February.
The meeting will be at a time when no change has seen in position of the Taliban group in connection with holding direct peace talks with Afghanistan government.
Lailuma Noori

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