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Pakistan shuold practically cooperate for Afghan peace

By: The Kabul Times

In his address at the US Institute for Peace, Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan said his country’s efforts for following of strategic depth in Afghanistan cost harming of Pakistan and therefore now Islamabad has adopted non-interference policy in Afghanistan. Imran Khan claimed he is talking on behalf of Pakistan Army because the Army is supporting all policies of his government.
Imran Khan also claimed that since he has always emphasized that the Afghan war has no military solution, enjoys reputation among Taliban. He said that Taliban wanted me but the Afghan government didn’t want me to meet them. So I didn’t meet them. But now after talks with president Trump and president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, would meet them and would try to prepare them to talks with the Afghan government.
At present, the Pakistan government, our security forces, the US and all other sides agree that peace in Afghanistan can only be ensured through dialogue and talks. Now all we are working on this issue to prepare Taliban for direct talks with the Afghan government. They talk with the US and we hope to achieve an agreement finally.
All those developments happen at a time that due to sufficient evidents and testimony of the world community, still the safe heavens of terrorist groups including Taliban are operating in Pakistan and their councils are active there and lead terrorist from there to Afghanistan, fund, equip and train these groups.
This is Pakistan who is behind decisions of Taliban and exploits this faction as a proxy force for implementation of its objectives.
Imran Khan words indicate that in the past Pakistan was involved in efforts to seek a strategic depth in Afghanistan and now claims that he has gave up this policy and want to cooperate for bringing peace in Afghanistan.
Nevertheless, Imran Khan non-interference in Afghanistan domestic issues, cooperation for peace, meeting with Taliban leaders and encouraging them to direct talks with the Afghan administrations are good but we hope to take practical steps.
If Imran Khan is honest, he should close safe sanctuaries of terrorists in Pakistan and eliminate operational opportunities of Quetta and Peshawar councils, stop funding, equipping and training facilities of Taliban and other terrorists and cut their bank accounts, close religious madrassas which produce human resources to terrorists and arrest Mullahs who issue verdict on legality of war in Afghanistan and consider current so-called war legal.
It is believed that Taliban are in fact a proxy force and main partner of Army and I.S.I at regional level.
Current war in Afghanistan is in reality Pakistan war against the Afghan people for achieving their military, strategic, economic and political objectives.

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