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Pakistan should take honest steps in Afghanistan peace process

In continuation of efforts for Afghanistan peace process by some regional and world countries, a meeting was held last Saturday in Pakistan. The meeting was attended by a number of Afghan political figures, representatives of political parties and high peace council chief.
The peace conference titled “Lahore Process” at Bhurbhan in Murree, Pakistan, was organized by Lahore Peace Research Institute, however it is believed that the government of Pakistan has held the meeting.
Although, the government of Pakistan has said that the aim behind holding the meeting was to further enhance Kabul and Islamabad ties, but the government of Afghanistan was not invited to the event, as the same problem existed in similar meetings held in other countries, in particular in Russia.
The absence of representative of government of Afghanistan as an institution based on constitution which has the authority to monopolize the right of making decisions in regard with destiny of war and peace in the country, reduces the capability and opening way through this meeting towards ensuring peace in Afghanistan. We can say that this meeting is a consultative and ceremonial one that can be regarded as a hearing meeting.
The destiny of war and peace is belonging to government of Afghanistan and tit for tat meeting between government of Afghanistan and Taliban grouping is the only solution. Sans attending of government of Afghanistan in any meeting, the decisions are vain and impracticable and bear nothing.
Based on the same, it is necessary that such meetings should be resulted into direct meetings between government of Afghanistan and Taliban grouping. Those who attended in such meetings from outside of government should convince the foreign countries and government of Pakistan to make effort to pave the way for holding direct meeting between government of Afghanistan and Taliban grouping.
It is planned that based on invitation of prime minister of Pakistan, president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani also to visit Pakistan in the near future and meet with him in connection with peace process of Afghanistan and the role that expected the government of Pakistan to play in this respect and also attraction of the country’s cooperation in speeding-up of peace process and preparing the ground for intra-Afghan dialogue.
If Pakistan is honest in its cooperation with Afghanistan in peace process and war and violence be ended in Afghanistan as this country proclaims that is in favor of peace and stability in this country, it is necessary that neighboring country as it is mentioned before, with using of its influence, this country convince Taliban grouping to express its readiness for direct talks with Afghanistan so that sustainable peace be maintained in Afghanistan.
If Pakistan really be honest in its commitments, the visit of president Ghani from that country is a good and suitable opportunity in this respect.
The way towards peace can be shortened and important step can be taken towards peace and stability in Afghanistan.
Such expectations are stem from public opinion in Afghanistan that either Pakistan began war and violence in Afghanistan or keeps aflame it and the groupings such as Taliban in fact are the proxy war forces of this country in current war of Afghanistan.
If really Pakistan wants to end problems existed in Afghanistan and the ties between the two nations be instructed towards international order demands and is a sign of good neighborliness between the two countries, the issue can begin from now.

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