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Pakistan should not blame Afghanistan for its problems and failure

Pakistan is always blaming Afghanistan for its problems and failure to control increasing security incidents there. The Islamic Emirate has always insisted that no groups or individuals will be allowed to use Afghanistan soil against any other countries in the region. This time Pakistani side has targeted and conducted air strikes on parts of Khost and Paktika provinces, which has been strongly condemned by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Zabihullah Mujahid, the IEA spokesperson, in a statement, has said that the Afghanistan provinces of Paktika and Khost along the Pakistan border were hit by airstrikes, which martyred eight people. He alleged that Pakistani aircraft had carried out the airstrikes on Afghanistan soil. At around 3 am, Pakistani aircraft bombarded civilian homes in Khost and Paktika provinces near the border with Pakistan, said Majahid, claiming that all eight people martyred were women and children. Alleging that houses of common people were targeted, he said three women and as many children were martyred in Paktika and a house collapsed while two women were martyred in Khost, where a house was destroyed as well. The Paktika province is located near the South Waziristan District while Khost is situated near North Waziristan on the other side of Durand Line. In a government statement posted on Zabihullah Mujahid’s X account, he said: “The Pakistani side is saying that Abdullah Shah was targeted in the strikes but he lives on the Pakistani side. Members of the same tribe live on both sides and routinely move across the border.” He further said: “The Islamic Emirate strongly condemns the attacks and describes these as nonserious actions and violation of Afghanistan territory.” The IEA spokesperson added: “Pakistan should not blame Afghanistan for their problems and failure to control violent incidents. Such acts can lead to dire consequences which will not be in control of Pakistan.” In the meantime, cross-border firings were also reported in some parts of areas bordering Pakistan. Previously, Pakistani officials in their remarks had signaled that Pakistan might attack Afghanistan soil to target Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) hideouts. The Pakistan side should know that any possible attack on Afghan soil can lead to dire consequences. The Pakistan side should also know that the people of Afghanistan have always defended their country’s territorial and independence on the course of history. Afghanistan is not without its owner, as always, its people are ready to defend the territorial integrity and independence of their homeland. It is worth mentioning that we the people of Afghanistan have a better experience than anyone in defending and protecting our country. Afghanistan has always asked the Pakistani side that any concerns and problems should be resolved through diplomatic channels. Pakistan has recently faced a range of attacks and Pakistani officials are always blaming Afghanistan for their failure to control such attacks and security incidents. It is good for Pakistan to address the issue with the Afghanistan side through diplomatic channels. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) has always assured the world including Pakistan that no group will be allowed to use Afghanistan soil against other countries. Mashal Noori

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