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Pakistan should honestly cooperate in Afghan peace process

Quoting from Pakistani media, the media of Afghanistan reported that Imran Khan the prime minister of Pakistan has said that Monday the joint and tit-for tat meeting of a number of the US government officials and representatives of Taliban to be held in this country and negotiate about peace process of Afghanistan.
Based on these reports, on behalf of Afghanistan it is possible few members of negotiating mission that are determined by president Ghani so that if it was necessary to attend in the session to be held regarding peace process and negotiation on behalf of government.
According to Pakistani media, in his recent speaking last Friday in Peshawar Imran Khan has said that the government of Pakistan to mediate in peace negotiations between government of Afghanistan and Taliban grouping.
He added that according to the prepared program it is due the meeting between Taliban grouping and representatives of the US government to be held on Monday.
This is in a time that based on what was regarded, the government of Pakistan didn’t cooperated honestly in counterterrorism and non-preparing necessary facilities in realization of tit-for tat peace negotiation between the government of Afghanistan and Taliban grouping in the past and now is under serious political, economic pressures of international community and the United States of America.
The US accused Pakistan for non-honestly cooperation in war on terror as well as its support from terrorist groupings such as Taliban.
The US proclaimed that Pakistan received worth millions of dollars of the US assistance but instead, what was necessary this country didn’t show honesty in counterterrorism and vice versa provided safe havens for these groupings and rendered financial, logistic, military, training and intelligence supports.
Recently, due to a letter, Donald Trump demanded prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan to change behave in the connection and help the US in realization of peace and ending of war and violence in Afghanistan.
Two authorities of the US State Department, Alice Wells and Zalmay Khalilzad due to numerous and separate tours to Pakistan, demanded from the authorities of this country to convince the representatives of Taliban to attend in peace negotiations and also should demand them to leave war and join a political process and help Afghanistan in realization of peace in this country. The assertions of authorities of Pakistan and from among them prime minster of that country, Imran Khan is indicator of this that Pakistan to promote a new approach and has entered into new phase of its policies and this causes some optimisms that based on the same, the officials of Pakistan are going to cooperate in easing of peace negotiations.
Foreign minister of Pakistan Shah Mahmoud Quraishi who had come to Kabul to attend in tri-partite meeting of foreign ministers of Afghanistan, Pakistan and China, in his speakings especially in joint news conference of foreign ministers, emphatically asserted that he come to Kabul to build trust between the two countries.
He said now, his country is ready completely to help Afghanistan in counterterrorism and realization of peace in this country.
Quraishi has said that we should access to peace and stability in Afghanistan. This impacts on all region.
The best gift to Afghanistan is peace, we encourage all involved groupings to peace. You should take decision and we help you, Quraishi added.
Daesh and eastern Turkistan groupings are not in favor of peace in the region.
Those organizations are not in favor of peace should be defeated.
We defeat terrorism in a time that do work with each other.
Despite all of these, there are some doubts that this time, Pakistan to be ready to help honestly in the connection.
This has been asserted from different directions.
Still, Pakistan is not ready to confess that safe havens and centers of planning and training of Taliban and their leaders are existed in the soil of this country and also is not ready to recognize the Taliban grouping as a terrorist one.
If we consider this assertion of foreign minister of Pakistan, the government of Afghanistan is a group and they encourage the involved groupings to peace and they believe in parallel position with government of Afghanistan.
The authorities in Afghanistan each one in its turn within few days expressing their hope that this time Pakistan to be entered honestly to cooperate for realization of peace and ending of war and violence in Afghanistan.
With all optimisms that have been appeared in the region and the world, the visits and meetings which were took place and held and the assertions which were made, the public opinion in Afghanistan carefully see to the issue and believe that it is impossible to forget once all in connection with new and previous stances of government especially in connection with the position of ISI of Pakistan and not be careful.

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