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Pakistan should address Pashtun grievances: HRW

KABUL: The Human Right Watch on Saturday asked Pakistan to recognize the country’s ethnic diversity as a strength and not a weakness.
“The government should listen to and engage the concerns of the country’s many communities and allow for peaceful expression of dissent,” the Human Rights Watchdog (HRW) said.
The HRW’s call comes days after the death of Arman Loni, an activist of the Pakistan Tahafuz Movement (PTM). Luni, a leader of the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM), a social movement for Pashtun rights, died during a sit-in in Baluchistan province’s Lorelai district. The police reported that Luni died of a heart attack following clashes between police and protesters. But his supporters allege he died from torture while in police custody. Baluchistan’s chief minister has ordered an inquiry into the death.
The February 2 death was called the latest outrage against the beleaguered community. He died during a sit-in in southwestern Balochistan province.
“As a start, the authorities should ensure the investigation into the death of Arman Loni is effective and transparent,” the group said in a statement.
Pakistani Prime Minister Khan has been vocal about the plight of the residents of the tribal areas throughout his political career, and in April stated that he would address many of the PTM’s grievances, such as easing of checkpoints in the former tribal areas and removal of landmines.
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